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Furthermore, technical improvements were made so that it really is faster along with the  e responds better in case you alternate relating to the tears flow . The games necklace has become updated therefore you so teleport you directly in Junas cave. A different interface because of it also includes keyboard shortcuts , therefore it is better to use and faster than ever.


Whether it be the first time collects the tears that have made ??it a diehard weekly routine or else you are expecting at this moment to come back to match the flow – now’s time for you to exploit the Tears of Guthix deep.


Firstly you must complete a similar adventure, which necessitates the following prerequisites:

44 quest points

Level 20 in Crafts

Level 49 Firemaking

Level 20 in mining

Then you can get the enjoyment involving once every seven days, but must after when to succeed in a minimum of one of the following objectives before you go collect tears the next time:

1 Quest Point

EP 100,000. Can be challenging be distributed on runescape 2007 gold.

Other requirements:


So as to produce the improved dish, you need this minimum requirements. You may consult Juna to initiate the manufacturing process.

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