The assault Cheap Runescape 07 Gold

Christmas coming soon, the snowmen make their appearance in Cheap Runescape 07 Gold! This is the perfect possiblity to like your fellow adventurers, especially as each snowman dropped snowballs that one could operate on additional. When you wear Christmas outfits, you may have an opportunity to earn extra crackers, that you can not refuse! See this thread in English to learn more about times of appearance of snowmen.

Caption Contest

Our forums are renowned throughout Gielinor being the soul from the RuneScape community. To celebrate Christmas, we organize a new festive event, the Caption Competition ! Between December 20 and January 2, we’re going to post images taken of Christmas within a cold region of Gielinor. For you to give you a caption due to this picture: factual, funny or possibly a amount of both, send it to us! Check out this thread in English for more.

Festival of cryptic clues Christmas

This holiday season, from December 20 to 24, we reorganize popular community events, the Festival of cryptic clues Christmas. So log into play to solve! Click here for details.

Joke contest

Everyone knows the actual Christmas crackers are recognized for their paper hats and plastic toys, but also for unhealthy jokes. When you wish to have the opportunity to get yourself a festive cracker, make us laugh, just! See this thread in English to participate.


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