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With the 2017 Madden Tournament Live Finals kicking off upon Saturday, April 29, we’re excited to start diving on the matchups taking place in Chicago, California. With a huge $500, 000 prize pool that the superior competitors are playing for, and with Madden Ultimate Group Salary Cap the mode being utilized, there’s sure to be several unexpected highlights!
To give us a little more insight into a handful of the top matchups, we’ve drafted Zac “ZAN ” Neal, a Madden competitor, EA SPORTS Gamechanger, and contributor to the Established Madden NFL 17 strategy guidebook. He’ll provide us with quite a few keys to these important matchups.
ZAN’s Take on Problem as opposed to. Schemin
Eric “Problem” Wright was definitely not at March's 2017 Madden Obstacle live finals, due to a family crisis. Largely considered the greatest Madden competitor of them all, Problem is now back, and has been in his Madden lab successfully navigating this event for the better the main last 6 weeks. The last time we saw a tunnel-focus like that from him was in 2013, when Problem rolled out an offense and defense town hadn’t seen before, battling his way to one more tournament victory.
This time, Mark “Schemin” Samuels, Jr. will be across from Dilemma. The last we saw of Schemin was at March's 2017 Madden Challenge live finals. Schemin was coming off a dominant performance at a 2017 Madden Challenge Series Challenger event in Nevada, Nevada, where he went undefeated. Unfortunately, a well-documented stumble[RA1] during a celebration when using interception became a surprising twist of fate inside the Madden Challenge for Schemin, as he fell short from the goal line and couldn’t transfer a touchdown from 1 backyard out, costing him the tournament. Blaming nobody but himself, one of Madden's hottest players is getting into the 2017 Madden Challenge looking for redemption.
ZAN's Prediction: Problem 20 - Schemin 13
When you look at a leaderboard and then determine yourself ranked fourth on the planet, you should be proud - except in cases where you're Eric “Problem” Wright. Known for his suffocating protective style, we know he's going to bring the pressure. The last two months in solitude may have rejuvenated Problem offensively, too, and he’ll win this game more comfortably as opposed to score suggests.
Watch the 2017 Madden Championship Live Finals from New york on April 29 - 35, May 6 - 7, and May 12 - 14 continue to exist twitch. tv/Madden.

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Madden 17 Update 1. 11 Now Available


Madden 17 Update 1. 11 has become ready to accept download on each PS4 and also XBox One. Several difficulties were set by EA Sports using this type of game patch. The game area can certainly strengthen gameplay, Madden Ultimate Team (MUT), and general game stability.

Update 1. 11 Gameplay Fixes

Probably the most important difficulty EA solutions using this update involves a bug that may be gameplay where tackles go in to a blocking engage in or movement, however they never really stop or engage a new defense. Alternatively, the discusses allow the defenders strike right to the quarterback directly past them. While enjoying online H2H suits, I’ve had this come about lately, which update couldn’t come in no time. I’m sure lots of you feel the exact same method.

Some issues are in addition fixed by Madden teen Update 1. 11 with gameplay speed across Team Game Arranging Workouts Gauntlet, and Skills Instructor techniques. These game settings have been experiencing critical lag and EA suggests this replace may correct that.

Mounted a bug where the offensive tackle could play that has a blocking cartoon without getting Madden 17 Coins using a defensive player and Settled a pest that brought about the gameplay pace within Skills Trainer, Gauntlet, and Franchise Sport Planning Workouts to become exceedingly slow.

Update 1. 11 Ultimate Team Steps

Some difficulties are also addressed by the newest update with online MUT in addition to Draft Winners game controls. According to EA’s Zynga site, Madden 17 Update 1. 11 fixes a infestation in-Play-a- Friend games in which a player’s profile controls wasn’t being regarded and loading like they have to. A problem using your scoreboard display in on the net MUT and Draft Winners can be adjusted. Now, the display may demonstrate the team’s name’s primary 3 words.

Addressed a bug where a user’s page adjustments were not being respected in-Play-a-Friend game titles, For online MUT along with Draft Winners games, the 3-page team name shown from the ranking hud may today represent the 1st 3 words of your own team name equally as it may in Solo Difficulties – To help revise this, you’re able to key in Madden Ultimate Team, go towards the “Team” loss and choose the Rename Team tile.

Update 1. 11 Stability Fixes

Balance issues coming through Live Commentary Improvements is likewise fixed. Madden 17 Update 1. 11 took menu monitors, and care of significant where decreasing to secure a fresh discourse, or running up the overall game from sleep mode caused a critical lag in action. Other small issues with game balance may also be patched up with Bring up to date 1. 11.

The update might be the past one for this specific game. Madden NFL 17 unveiled Update 1. 10 nearly a month before for the day on Feb 14, 2017. Madden players didn’t usually assume another this easily. The problem where hindrances are fully whiffed in by the tackles has become the most critical advancement. Obviously, that all is driven by the game method you like.

Resolved the problem wherever declining a Stay Discourse Update (LCU) and running on from sleep style might cause considerable lag in the selections along with in-sport Along with Different small security changes.

Easports has recently proved that Madden 18 will soon be out later this year also. Though a Nintendo Switch type is still unknown, it should be from the typical systems.

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