Slider value experience modification method in FUT 14 Coins

FUT 14 Coins , the gamers in order to make the experience more in step with the requirements, modify the additional value with the slider is a great way , however , many players don’t know the particular modification method and modify the additional value , I’ll give out today, a decline of values modification experience, are interested look.

Sliders modify the worthiness of experience:
Sprint Speed: 47 default 50 ( increase the sprint speed would be the maximum speed , in reality, laptop computer 47 , you may be behind the wing to learn catch up with the relentless computer chrysanthemum burst , just not an original so rude , you will find that you simply run players good location out, straight plug, wing can be a difference , the thing is Zhisai position, you’ll have the perfect time to look at the next bottom , or cut inside , in addition to hesitate for some time , laptop computer will still bring you, so beneath the circumstances to uncover your teammates )Acceleration:

48 default 50 ( this is actually the legendary startup speed, value 48 seems no big change, but precisely these two points, you’ll be able to let your personal machine possess a buffer of your time pass , just as within the pitch , Zhise trance kick , the other crotch line , the amount seriously isn’t inserted behind the defender would have been a brief stupidly state, then interact with this tiny two values ??, give you instant acceleration tiny , to eliminate defensive computer , but nevertheless and also the above , you cannot make middle distinctive line of the  , you’ll be challenging to see the explosion )Shot mistakes :

DefaultBad pass turnover : 45 55 ( in truth, laptop computer passes 45 , I didnrrrt see him a great number of mistakes, I assume , probably would have reached the foot of your perfect short pass or pass directly hit inside head , there may be slight deviation so few centimeters , for the computer Some find this very offensive to affect his quality , opposite the 55 players , plenty of avoiding , straight ball directly beyond several of the wing edges , i have no idea of if you have not , anyway, I’ve, when 50 came directly border , 55, does not mean that you will be completely without mistakes , however the same isn’t going to pass the General Assembly appear unguarded situation came sector )

Shooting Speed: DefaultPassing speed: 48 52 ( the pass rate according to their computer running speed , the sense doesn’t change them to might have to catch the ball , this really is purely psychological sense with the players, and sometimes there exists .

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