Cheapest FFXI Gil New Merchandise

To create the debut at Fan Festival 2008, FINAL FANTASY XI produced a series of completely new merchandise.
For the merchandise area of the show, A nice business card case and two meticulously crafted mascot key rings will likely be available. The modern goods is going to be offered by the Square Enix Official Online Merchandise Store immediately after Fan Festival 2008.
FINAL FANTASY XI Original Card Case – Material: Metal/Synthetic Leather
This Original Card Case can take place simple in design, however it comes with a high-class finish emblazoned while using FINAL FANTASY XI logo and world map of Vana’diel on its cover. The sleek design permits the unencumbered storage and retrieval of business cards or cards of the similar size.
Metal Key Ring (Goblin & Mandragora) – Material: Metal

The Goblin and Cheapest FFXI Gil are intimate to any or all adventurers in Vana’diel and after this these are getting their chance to shine available as solid metal key rings. The exquisite precisely the characters are perfect to behold.

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