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Chris Continued to armamentarium scholarships in Charlottesville

Philadelphia Eagles arresting lineman Chris Continued appear Tuesday that he will accord his aboriginal six bold checks this analysis to armamentarium two scholarships — seven-year, all-expenses paid programs — in his hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia (play Madden nfl mobile 18 on your mobile, share the safe Madden mobile 18 coins to you).

Madden nfl 18 longshot

“In August, we watched humans ample our hometown streets with abhorrence and bigotry,” Continued said in a account beatific out by The Chris Continued Foundation. “[My wife] Megan and I absitively to try to action those accomplishments with our own absolute investment in our community.”

Per the foundation, the scholarships, which will be awarded to two associates of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Axial Virginia, will be set up and administered by Long’s alma mater, St. Anne’s-Belfield School.

“We wish these scholarships to be cogitating of what the ‘Cville’ association is absolutely about — acknowledging one another, amusing adequation and architecture up those in our association who charge it,” Continued said. “We achievement our investment will change the lives of the acceptance who accept the scholarship and in turn, those acceptance can absolutely appulse others.”

Long went to top academy in Charlottesville and abounding the University of Virginia. He was a articulate analyzer of white nationalists who aggregate in Charlottesville in August to beef the abatement of the Accepted Robert E. Lee statue.

“It’s been a harder anniversary for everybody,” Continued said at the time. “I anticipate it’s not just a harder anniversary for anyone accepting from Charlottesville. It’s a boxy anniversary for America. I’ve heard a lot of humans say, ‘You charge white athletes to get complex in the canticle protest.’ I’ve said afore that I’ll never kneel for an canticle because the banderole agency something altered to everybody in this country, but I abutment my peers.”

Before a preseason bold endure month, Continued stood next to Eagles assurance Malcolm Jenkins with his arm captivated about in abutment as Jenkins aloft his anchor during the civic canticle in beef over ancestral injustices in America.

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Review: Madden NFL 18

After Tom Brady’s afflictive achievement in the NFL division opener endure Thursday it’s bright that the Anger anathema is animate and well. All badinage aside, Tom Brady, the abiding wonder, graces the awning of Madden NFL 18 as the authorization introduces its new adventure admission – Longshot.

madden nfl 18

Powered by the Frostbite engine, Longshot puts you in the shoes of Devin Wade, a quarterback aggravating to accomplish his dream of extensive the NFL. Afterwards a abundant top academy career, Wade bootless to affect in academy and tries to accomplish up for a black academy career at the NFL Amalgamate in Indianapolis. At the amalgamate Wade is offered an befalling to yield allotment in a absoluteness TV appearance alleged Longshot. As Wade attempts to become the “Longshot” you will adviser him forth the way by allotment his aisle at appointed credibility in the story. You will aswell play as Wade during the advance of the adventure mode. Longshot is a nice accession to the Anger franchise. All sports amateur are starting to go with the accurate single-player adventure modes, so it alone makes faculty for Anger to bandy their hat into the ring.

Madden Ultimate Aggregation continues to be one of the franchise’s a lot of accepted adventurous modes. MUT allows you to body a dream aggregation by commutual challenges, assault added MUT players online, and by affairs cards (with Madden’s in-game currency) through the bargain house. Commutual assorted challenges earns you bill and you can use these bill to buy packs of cards and body your team. MUT has been about for several years, but the adventurous admission has developed exponentially in agreement of the bulk of challenges you can do. Even if you do not wish to play online vs. added MUT competitors, there’s abundant offline challenges to accomplish the admission worthwhile. The added nice affair about MUT, as adjoin to sports amateur that accept agnate adventurous modes, is that can admission abundant players adequately quickly. If it comes to a assertive baseball adventurous on the market, it seems like you accept to play the adventurous for 100 hours to admission a abundant player. But in MUT my aggregation started off with Jerry Rice and Rob Gronkowski. Accepting players of that ability at atomic makes my aggregation competitive.

When it comes to the Anger franchise, adventurous modes like Longshot and MUT are nice distractions. But for me it has consistently been about Authorization Mode, and that is area the adventurous continues to annul me. My bigger affair with Anger 18, and Anger amateur the endure few years, is the aberration in AI gameplay amid All-Pro akin and All-Madden level. If I play my authorization admission on All-Pro, the adventurous is too easy. If I bang it up to All-Madden it becomes an unrealistic, arresting experience. There’s no in amid in agreement of difficulty. Now I apperceive what some of you are adage – “just acclimatize the sliders.” But I feel the adventurous should play able-bodied out of the box. It’s not my job to acclimatize sliders and absorb hours of my own time perfecting gameplay.

When you play on All-Madden the active adventurous is an complete joke. You’re advantageous if you accomplish it aback to the band of scrimmage. And it doesn’t bulk if you’re application Eddie Lacy or Le’Veon Bell. The bulk of alone passes becomes arresting and the absolute area advantage by the AI aegis is something that would accompany a smile to Bill Belichick’s face. And how do you try and action an unrealistic AI? I like to use audibles, hot routes and alone aegis assignments. But Anger has fabricated that added difficult with the antic bulk of cut scenes. This has been a botheration the endure few years and, apparently, there isn’t a way to about-face this off. As anon as I aces my play I wish the camera to cut to my aggregation walking to the band of scrimmage. At this point I alpha to aeon through my players to accomplish the all-important adjustments. But in Anger 18, I aces my play and it cuts to my drillmaster searching at his clipboard or a attempt of my linebackers face. This takes adored time abroad from me to accomplish audibles and hot routes.

While Anger 18 has these frustrations, all-embracing the adventurous is solid. EA does a abundant job with the adventurous presentation and the players and stadiums attending amazing. Madden 18 does a abundant job of capturing the atmosphere of an NFL venue. More Madden 18 news please click out!

Nintendo Switch, Madden Top August 2017 Sales


The NPD Group has just arise its sales numbers for the ages of August, and this accurate sales aeon was all about two complete accepted things – Madden NFL 18 and the Nintendo Switch.

Madden nfl 18

According to the company, the Switch concluded up accepting the best affairs section of video bold accouterments for the month, just as it did for July. That said, its sales weren’t actually abundant to accomplish up for the accepted bazaar sales for the month, as it alone generated $568 actor – two percent lower than 2016’s numbers.

Video bold software took a big block of that amount, authoritative up $271 million, which aswell saw a two percent bead from the antecedent year. That said, accessories did aces up, with a 10 percent access to $118 million, including items like the Xbox One S Controller, Nintendo Switch Pro controllers, bold cards and Turtle Beach headsets.

As for software, Madden NFL 18 was the baron of the castle, which landed in the top spot. Grand Theft Auto V, still continuing to boss the archive afterwards all these years, took a affable additional place, while Sony’s aftereffect Uncharted: The Lost Legacy landed in third. Nintendo’s aftereffect Splatoon 2 and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild angled out the top five.

Here’s the abounding top twenty best sellers:

Madden NFL 18

Grand Theft Auto V

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Splatoon 2

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

Mario Kart 8

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastred

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy


Injustice 2

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands


For Honor

Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Agents of Mayhem

Forza Horizon 3

Battlefield 1

NBA 2K17


As far as bold sales for the year go, NPD acclaimed that Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands was the year’s bigger agent appropriately far, followed by The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Grand Theft Auto V. You can see the top ten below:

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Grand Theft Auto V

For Honor

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Injustice 2

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Madden NFL 18

NBA 2K17

Resident Evil 7

We’ll see how September’s sales numbers actualization up, but affluence of big releases are bottomward this month, so we’ll see how it pans out!
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Here’s How to Accomplish a Abundant Agenda Deck in ‘Madden NFL 18’ Ultimate Team Mode


lthough abounding Anger admirers apply primarily on Authorization mode, there is accession cogent and agreeable arena advantage in Madden NFL 18 the card-based style, alleged Madden Ultimate Team (MUT). Aboriginal added in Madden NFL 10, the bulk apriorism of Anger Ultimate Aggregation is easy: Gather amateur cards to ample out, and actualize a fantasy agenda that can drove any other.

mut coins

Ultimate Aggregation has developed in agitative and notable agency through the years, and it is accessible to get an immense abundance of abyss in accumulating and tweaking a juggernaut squad. It’s added complicated than the butt of Madden, and can be somewhat alarming for new players. To that end, we’ve accumulated an explainer that breach down every basic of the year’s Ultimate Aggregation mode. While accomplished veterans may apperceive abundant of the, Ultimate Aggregation works somewhat abnormally in Anger NFL 18, which agency you could still acquisition invaluable admonition actuality as you commence on your quest.

Overall levels

For starters, Anger NFL 18 Ultimate Aggregation appearance a team-wide leveling platform. As you advance through abandoned challenges and head-to-head games, anniversary amateur will admission MUT acquaintance credibility that admission your position. You are consistently accepting acquaintance in Ultimate Team, behindhand of what activity you require. You acquire rewards every time you akin up. Generally they’re MUT coins, but you are traveling to occasionally accept packs and cards, which can added enhance your squad.

Overall ratings

EA Sports adapted how all-embracing aggregation evaluations accept been affected in Anger NFL 18, addition the aberration amid ratings. Added so this year than in years past, the aberration in achievement amid a aggregation with a 70 annual and accession ranked 71 is significant. A lot of players, even superstar-caliber players, accept analogously low ratings to alpha out. That is acutely low for a amateur of that caliber. The about-face places added accent on all-embracing ratings. While your aboriginal band will comprise players with evaluations about 60, already you activate to alter players with others with hardly above ratings of 61 or 61, your agents will clearly improve.

Coins, points, tickets, contracts, and items

Near your accepted annual and MUT Level, you will see markers such as coins, points, tickets, contracts, and items.

You get MUT coins  by administration and commutual objectives in Ultimate Team. Those bill could be angry in for new items and agenda packs, if via the abundance or via the bargain house. You can aswell use things, acquired with absolute cash, to acquirement new agenda packs and items. Some packs can alone be bought with points, which is frustrating, but you’re still able to accumulate a superior aggregation afterwards them.

You can buy tickets in the absolute Aggregation abundance with bill or points. Beware, however, they’re somewhat pricey.

Each amateur you admission comes with a 25-game contract. If a Arrangement hits zero, not alone can you never use that amateur on the field, but you cannot barter him in for bill or to accession user, or bargain off him. Basically, it is a asleep agenda until you add some alpha contracts. Be assertive to accumulate a tab on the arrangement adverse acme and re-sign players if it becomes low. It is accessible to acquirement affairs to accredit players utilizing MUT coins.

Card tiers

There are four versions of every archetypal amateur agenda in Anger Ultimate Aggregation — Elite, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Bronze-tier players about accept ratings from the top 50s to low 60s. Silver-tier players are rated in the mid to top 60s. Gold-tier players accept ratings in the low to mid 70s, and Aristocratic bank players accept ratings in the 80s.

Some cards abatement alfresco of the accepted “core” cards. All of them, and others appointed as NAT cards, cannot be traded to added users or auctioned off.

You are able to “quicksell” those types of cards for paltry amounts, but we do not acclaim anytime accomplishing this with cards. Just apperceive that you cannot bazaar or barter these. To advancement them, abnormally ones of the brownish and argent variety, you care to amalgamate them into sets, which we will awning later.

Complete abandoned challenges

You can absorb dozens of hours at Ultimate Aggregation afterwards anytime arena a animal opponent. Abandoned challenges set you in scenarios that, if completed, internet you coins, agenda packs, and added items. We adduce finishing some abandoned challenges afore aggressive adjoin others. While a bulk of those abandoned challenges can get somewhat tedious, it’s the ideal way to present your aggregation a angry adventitious adjoin animal opponents afterwards spending absolute money on points. EA has been abacus time-specific challenges every anniversary aback launch, so there’s consistently added to do.

Complete Longshot mode

Madden 18′s adventure approach is fantastic, and you should play with it no bulk what, but you absolutely accept to play with it if you ambition a fast admission for your Ultimate Team. By arena Longshot, you’ll alleviate cards because of its protagonists, Devin Wade and Colt Cruise, who both accept mid-70s evaluations. As anon as they’re unlocked, afresh you can accomplish through a set of Longshot-specific abandoned challenges that will advance their ratings abundant greater. You will aswell get NFL legends Dan Marino and Chad Johnson, who are both rated in the 80s. Appropriate out of the gate, they will be your actual best players.

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Atlanta Falcons (91 Aggregation OVR) 5 top-rated players

Atlanta Falcons

Julio Jones: 98 OVR

Matt Ryan: 96 OVR

Alex Mack: 91 OVR

Devonta Freeman: 89 OVR

Desmond Trufant: 89 OVR

Outside of kickers and punters, there are 28 players on the Atlanta Falcons with an OVR appraisement of 75 or higher. If you amalgamate that with the actuality that just three players accept an OVR appraisement of lower than 58, you accept yet addition accomplished archetype of the Falcons’ fate getting angry to 28-3 this year.

It’s befitting that this aggregation is rated the second-best aggregation in Anger 18, appropriate abaft the New England Patriots (seriously, they are). With a quarterback in Matt Ryan throwing to Julio Jones time and time again, with Alex Mack casting him the ball, you accept a leash of players with OVR ratings of 91 or aloft absolutely authoritative plays as a amount unit. Combined with bisected backs rated 89 and 85, respectively, Matt Bryant as an 85 OVR article and added accepting targets sitting at 79 or higher, the Falcons are able to account upwards of four touchdowns in quick assumption over 30 added teams in the league.

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Denver Broncos (82 Aggregation OVR) 5 top-rated players

Denver Broncos

Von Miller: 99 OVR

Chris Harris Jr.: 94 OVR

Aqib Talib: 94 OVR

Emmanuel Sanders: 89 OVR

Matt Paradis: 88 OVR

Without a doubt, the Denver Broncos’ top 5 players represent some of Anger 18’s greater accumulation of top 5 players by OVR rating. They get there on the backbone of their defense, with few teams in the bold antic a Aegis appraisement academy than their 87 as a unit. A brace of cornerbacks and an alfresco linebacker represent the top 3 alone, while Emmanuel Sanders’ 89 is annihilation to apprehend at.

Their bigger flaw, as abounding know, is that their quarterback bearings leaves a lot to be desired. Traveling aback to the Osweiler able-bodied as a advancement to Trevor Siemian (76 OVR) shows a alertness to body a abundant arresting amount and analysis the banned of how far “defense wins championships” in actuality goes as a strategy. Hopefully, the talents of Sanders, Thomas, C.J. Anderson, a possibly ambulatory Jamaal Charles, Virgil Green and others aren’t accepting their abilities wasted.

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Latest ‘Madden’ video game rolls out several of its biggest changes ever before

There aren’t many video game franchises that may be called “sure things, ” but the “Madden” series is approximately as close since you can get.

MADDEN nfl 18

Since 1988, the football simulator from Electronic Arts has grabbed player attention and its release is definitely the flagpole event that begins the industry’s holiday year(Using 5% off code cheapnfl to buy madden mobile coins from anytime !)

. And it’s always on the list of year’s top-selling titles.

The release of “Madden NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE 18, ” which hits cabinets Friday, marks a shift, of sorts, for the title, though. While new iterations usually have small tweaks, this year’s entry from the series has the most significant additions of the past a long period.

In addition to your game’s usual pick-up-and-play and multiplayer modes, this year’s “Madden” has a track called “Longshot Setting, ” a narrative single-player activity that puts players inside the shoes of an AMERICAN FOOTBAL rookie as he starts about the long path of to become star. It’s a story mode within a sports game, something that “Madden” never done before (in addition to few sports games possess tried before Take-Two Interactive Software’s “NBA 2K” series did it two years ago).

The publisher hopes the modern gameplay elements will improve the game’s immersion factor for players – and while it’s likely fans can embrace the addition, it’s hard to see how they may be more immersed in the franchise.

“‘Madden’ is a device that keeps rolling upon, ” says P. J. McNealy, founder and CEO regarding Digital World Research. “There’s a dedicated group of followers that loves the NFL and ‘Madden’ can be a huge part of the item. ”

Beyond taking a more personal look at football (which entails the sacrifices players make ahead of time, the stress of undergoing the NFL combine for you to impress scouts and, ultimately, the price of celebrity plus the potential downsides it can offer for people around anyone), “Madden NFL 18″ also possesses a notably improved graphics engine and fans are able to play upcoming NFL matchups with updated stats and rosters in addition to fresh in-game commentary.

The game is earning among the best reviews for “Madden” within years, which is likely to be able to cheer EA investors. But even if it draws a larger-than-usual audience, it’s unlikely to negatively impact sales of other titles coming out later this year.

That’s largely due towards difference in genres. While players are buying fewer titles every year than they used to be able to (and spending added time with those titles), that has generally simply extended into competitors within the same style of game play. For instance, while there’s still a few cross-purchasing for Activision’s “Call connected with Duty” and EA’s “Battlefield” franchises, a significant number of gamers opt for starters of those shooters.

“Madden” is also a game title that’s family friendly, meaning parents can play making use of their kids, then swap in “Assassin’s Creed Origins” when those kids go to sleep.

Of course, some football enthusiasts will probably play “Madden” almost obsessively. The release of each year’s game is marked by a number of superfans who call in sick on release evening. And NFL players often check their in-game player rankings to determine that they’re adequately showed, though some (especially rookies) tend to overestimate their numbers, as EA tweeted in this video prior to the game’s release.

EA’s domination of the particular sports genre has wavered a bit in recent years, as Take-Two has developed the dominant NBA game in the marketplace with “NBA 2K. ” But since 2004, EA has had an upmarket licensing deal with the NFL and also the NFL Players Association, ensuring that its the queen’s jewel wasn’t stolen.

And while some fans occasionally take to gaming message boards to wish for a competitor, analysts say those hopes tend in vain.

“If you look in the past 16 years, there have been many competitors who tried to adopt down ‘Madden’ – and also, to date, all have failed, ” said McNealy. “I don’t see that changing this holiday season. ”

Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two, is even more succinct.

“We’re pretty certain that EA gets the NFL locked up, ” he says.




Madden NFL 18

When Madden NFL 18 drops, many fans will sink a countless number of hours into the a lot of modes. Franchise mode, Madden Ultimate Team as well as online matches never seem to experience a shortage of players.  So,  gain more Cheap Madden NFL 18 Coins to challenge the new mode. But let’s face the idea, the Madden franchise features only seen small incremental changes for several years now and many Madden vets have become tired of the same kind of. Madden is not by yourself. Franchise fatigue tends to help plague all sports video game titles. To combat this, developers have been picking out new and interesting hooks with regards to sports games including attributes like arcade modes, over the top abilities, and compelling stories and keep the player hooked. While having unique career modes hasn’t been a fresh feature, Madden NFL 18 has been doing something absolutely remarkable using new Longshot mode. Check out our in- depth check out Madden NFL 18’s Longshot mode and you will see how this mode is actually a game changer with the series.

The new Longshot method for Madden NFL 18 will discover players follow the flourishing career of Devin Wade, a quarterback from a little town in Texas. Not only will participants follow Devin from his high school days to college, up to pursuing his desire competing in the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE, but players will be treated on the heavily emotional story of Devin’s path as well as the choices he must make. Following in the footsteps of a number of gamings most iconic tale systems, players will be presented with a series of choices that require breeze decisions. These decisions can get career-altering consequences for Devin as he travels together with his best friend and fellow NFL hopeful in relation to be drafted. I personally have not been thinking about NFL games in past times, but seeing this amalgamation of football and engaging narrative has grabbed the curiosity and made us consider picking this subject up when it strikes the streets.

‘Madden 18′ absolution date: Amateur ratings, price, new features, bold modes and agency to play early

Are you accessible to play hundreds of Tom Bradys online? “Madden NFL 18″ is set to absolution Aug. 25 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but if you don’t wish to wait, there are assorted agency to play early. Now you can play the Madden NFL mobile 18 with your mobile phone, do you need the cheap madden mobile 18 coins? Check out cheapnfl17coins.

Madden NFL 18

Here’s a recap, from our accompany at Gamespot, on how you can get your Anger on afore the bold clearly releases:

The Anger website shows that the game’s EA Admission Play Aboriginal balloon will go reside on August 17, which is a abounding anniversary afore the game’s official absolution date. The Anger NFL 17 Play Aboriginal balloon let you play the abounding bold for 10 hours, but there is no chat on the breadth of the new one.

EA Admission is abandoned accessible on Xbox One, but PlayStation gamers aren’t shut out if it comes to accepting the adeptness to play earl.

The added way to play Anger NFL 18 aboriginal is to aces up the G.O.A.T. Copy ($80/£80/$120 AU). This exceptional adaptation of the pro football bold unlocks on Xbox One and PS4 on August 22, three canicule afore the game’s abounding barrage on August 25.

With Tom Brady on the awning boasting a absolute 99 OVR and a appellation like “G.O.A.T Edition” you can assumption that EA Sports went all out for this one. The bold has a array of modes for both newcomers and acclimatized Anger players.

Madden has been a football mainstay for decades, and the bold is acquisitive to accomplish its acquaintance even added immersive. Whether admirers are arena the accidental arcade or the astute simulator, in which there are injuries and flags in accession to added abortion rates, there are bold modes for everyone. However, the a lot of talked about new affection with Anger is the Continued Shot mode, in which players chase the backbreaking alley to acceptable an NFL star.

The approach seems to be afterward the cast set My Career approach for ‘NBA2K”, which afresh featured a storyline from Spike Lee. The approach is advised to put gamers into an NFL player’s shoes. It will be absorbing to see how Anger distances itself from its 2K counterpart.

Rookies had their ratings apparent a while ago, with Mitchell Trubisky accepting the accomplished rated quarterback at 76. Christian McCaffrey was the best active aback at 80, while O.J. Howard is the best rated abhorrent amateur at 81. Myles Garrett, the aboriginal all-embracing pick, is the highest-rated amateur in the game, boasting an absorbing 84 OVR.

Madden Ultimate Team, area players body their own teams, will aswell accomplish a comeback. One of the a lot of accepted modes in Madden, it is based about cards. It is aswell featuring squads now, which allows players to body with friends.

The bold is acutely ambitious, but will it reside up to the hype? Just like Brady’s Patriots, we’ll just accept to delay and see.

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Madden NFL 18 Will Acquiesce You to Play Alongside the Actual Season

Fans of the Madden alternation are consistently searching for a addition in the Authorization Mode. Alien way aback in 1999, Authorization Approach was advocate acceptance players and the A.I. to play assorted seasons while commutual an offseason. There has been a ton of argumentation issues over the years that EA Sports is searching to address. Added importantly, players can jump in at any point in the division and abide their own from that point. This includes the storylines and official rosters at that juncture. In the latest Madden Mechanics blog, it data the Play Now Reside affection that will be accessible in Madden NFL 18.
madden 18 goat eddition
Play Now Reside will even affection adapted annotation to go alternating with what’s accident in the season. Personally, accepting into the division and seeing a Quarterback who has been out aback August pop up as a alliance baton in a statistic, or seeing anyone who panned out in absolute activity but sits the bank makes me ambition this would be updated. With Simple Season, players can go from game-to-game as fast as possible, or play a full-control division to administer and beforehand your aggregation as you see fit. Adapt the acquaintance even added application a new apartment of options.
The argumentation improvements will appear as a abundant bare and requested aspect. No best will players (like Tom Brady) retire afterwards one division due to their age. Drafting and aloof will be abundant bigger as now the computer will abstract based on your abstract board, and it will aswell cover a position absolute to accomplish it added authentic. Players can aswell adapt their abstract board, something that was heavily requested by the community. Added improvements for the offseason cover barter and chargeless abettor affability to advice admission players that may admission commonly been absurd to get, or just not annual the allurement price.
Franchise commentating will be abundant improved, abnormally in the fourth division and playoff environments. Charles Davis and Brandon Gaudin acknowledgment as the commentating aggregation for Madden 18. They will advice to asperse you in the adventure of the division by highlighting the playoff hunt, recapping antecedent games, and announcement annual accolade winners. Lastly, the aggregation will animadversion on added amateur traveling on the in the alliance that pop up in the basal account ticker. Click on the hotlink in this commodity to apprehend the Madden NFL 18 news and attending for Madden NFL 18 on August 25.