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Change 2017 OSRS Deadman Winter Division Finals Greatly


As the 2017 OSRS Deadman Winter Division comes to an end on October 26, appropriate now we should apprentice added advice about its finals, which should arise in aboriginal December as intended. What changes will there be this time? Let’s apprentice now and you can aswell acquisition bargain RuneScape 2007 gold here.

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The Permadeath Date instead of the Final Hour

Jagex accept they can break any logistical problems and in-game mechanics issues during 2017 OSRS Deadman Winter Division Finals, which aims to accredit the progression of abandoned players and baby groups afterwards nerfing the capability of larger, organized clans.

You will see the important change to accumulation chests, which appears anniversary time the fog advances. And the breadth of the these chests will be arise in two stages, with the aboriginal ambiguous (like Falador) and the added specific (like Falador Party Room). What is more, the chests will accommodate actual assisting rewards.

This time they will acquaint a added final area. That agency with the Permadeath date alpha players will be assigned amid either of these two final areas randomly: Barbarian Village and the Demonic Ruins in the Wilderness. And afresh the final 128 players (64 in anniversary final area) will be taken to the final islands.

The a lot of cogent change is the amplification of the final islands concept, the final 128 players will accompany in a set of 7 brackets of 1v1 fights:

Bracket 1: 128 players, 64 alone islands

Bracket 2: 64 players, 32 alone islands

Bracket 3: 32 players, 16 alone islands

Bracket 4: 16 players, 8 alone islands

Bracket 5: 8 players, 4 alone islands

Bracket 6: 4 players, 2 alone islands

Bracket 7: 2 players, admirable final

An attainable beta of the Deadman Approach Permadeath date afore the absolute one

There will be an attainable accessible beta for the Deadman Approach Permadeath date in backward November to ensure aggregate goes able-bodied afore the absolute final.

Changes to the prizes of 2017 OSRS Deadman Winter Division Finals

This division they will accommodate the champ $20,000, with the added amateur $10,000, the third/fourth $1,000, at the aforementioned time the final 12 players will win 12 Months Membership.

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Ambit of the Damned – Runescape

Pit yourself and your accompany adjoin the undead in Ambit of the Damned and attack for the altered appellation of King/Queen of the Damned and a host of prizes – the ultimate PvM challenge.

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Start the one-hour timer application your HUD in-game and arbor up credibility while annihilation as abounding zombies as you can to defended your abode on the leaderboard. You can restart the alarm to advance your annual as abounding times as you’d like. The top 1,000 players afterwards ten canicule will accomplish it through to the afterpiece on the 28th for the adventitious to win a alternative of approved prizes, including (but not bound to) lifetime membership, an all costs paid cruise to Jagex and 200M GP.


Dimension of the Damned is PvM only, even in the Wilderness.

All players alpha with maxed stats and amateur gear.

Catching Zombeism from bites saps your health, but you can avoid off the furnishings by demography antidotes and/or arresting adapted shrimps above-mentioned to battle.

These (and added advantageous items) can be acquired from Zkrik’s boutique in Falador application canteen corks. You can aswell get them from accumulation drops, but you’ll alone acquire three annual to acquisition the crate.

Falador is a safe amplitude breadth the asleep don’t rise. You’ll be escorted aback there by white knights if you become inactive, and you’ll respawn there if you die. However, players with Zombeism can’t canyon through the gates.

Banks beyond Gielinor will be accessible for use. Amplitude is bound though, and you’ll acquire to pay for it in canteen corks.

You can apprehend about the rules for the afterpiece here.

The adventitious to attack for a abode in the Afterpiece ends in ten days, so don’t delay. You’ll aswell be able to see how the Jmods book in Ambit of the Damned during Tuesday’s reside stream! Details below.

Note that Ambit of the Damned is alone accessible in NXT – Bang actuality to download the client!


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Genie’s Gift – Runescape

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The abstruse bogie Karima has fabricated a acknowledgment to Treasure Hunter this week, bringing with her all your favourite lamps! From 00:00 bold time (UTC) on Wednesday 27th to 23:59 on Monday 2nd, acquisition the afterward items on the Treasure Hunter cost list:

Prismatic Lamps

Hydra Lamps

Smouldering Lamps

Dark Lamps

Bright Lamps

Celebration Lamps

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OSRS Mobile alpha allotment again

Recently, OSRS official website released.It is a acceptable account of players. From now until 23rd September,you’ll be able to annals for a adventitious to participate in the Old School Mobile beta in RS 2017.

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If you wish to apperceive added about the advice pertaining to the absolution of Old School Mobile. And We will consistently abide to advertisement the latest advice for you.Go on the FAQ archetype from July’s Mobile Q&A or apprehend the Dev Blog: OSRS Mobile. There will be a abounding ambit of introduction, you can acutely understand.

All in all, we will acquaint you added about the OSRS Mobile news. And you can apprehend Mobile Dev Blog! In addition, Set some of Mods some challenges to do on Mobile. If you charge some Old School RS Gold on the

Runefest Stage Schedules

Runefest 2017

Runefest is rapidly approaching, and with this year’s ‘Back to our Roots’ activity it’s set to be the absolute IRL RuneScape experience.

We’ve been affliction out our Varrock Stage sessions on Twitter, and here’s the abounding set. Whether you’re abutting us on the day or just afterward us on the reside stream, here’s if the latest and greatest Runefest agreeable is

11:00: Welcome to Runefest | RS Mobile

12:00: Streamer & YouTube Creator Q&A

13:00: Old Academy – The Next 12 Months

14:00: RuneScape Reveals

15:00: The Aureate Gnomes

16:30: Break

17:30: Deadman Clash Finale

19:00: The Dark Room

20:00: Break

20:30: Afterwards Party

Interested in an all-embracing attending at a specific breadth of our games? The Circus Stage is the abode to be:

12:00: Art & Audio Showcase

13:00: RuneScape Skilling

14:00: The Old Academy Quiz

15:00: Break

16:30: RuneScape Combat

17:30: RuneScape Lore Marathon

The Aureate Gnome Award categories are confirmed, too. Attending out for added advice anon on how to appoint your favourite agreeable creators.


Video of the Year (combined)

Best New Video Maker (combined)

Best Video Maker (RS, OS)

Best Streamer (RS, OS)


Best New Streamer (combined)

Best Streamer (RS, OS)


Best Artistic Creation


Most Artistic Cosplay

Best Cosplay

We’ve added this advice to the Runefest Website. Analysis aback there consistently for added information, and accumulate an eye on the Runefest Twitter and the RuneScape News. At last, runescapegoldfast Launched an event to celebrate this big fest, buy 07 Runescape Gold could get extra 5% discount gold with the code: runescape3 . FAST!!!

Speedrunners are antagonism to exhausted Champion’s Guild in old RuneScape in just over an hour



RuneScape has gone through a lot of changes back its antecedent absolution in 2001. But the old 2007 servers still authority a abode baby to player’s hearts—including speedrunners.

The free-to-play Champion’s Guild percent speedrun has players actualize a cast new appearance to try and complete the Champion’s Guild adventure on a accidental server. The Champion’s Guild is the hardest adventure accessible in the chargeless RuneScape servers, it tasks players with exploring the absolute map to aggregate a alternation of items to annihilate a dragon.

The accepted apple almanac of one hour and 24 account was set by YouTuber Muffan on July 31.

RuneScape speedruns are alluring to watch. Anniversary speedrunner has altered strategies on how to akin up their appearance as bound as accessible to complete a quest—all while accepting to accord with added players that could abduct basic EXP or gold abroad from them.

Micromanaging resources, agriculture the best spots, and praying that luck is on your ancillary are all things that speedrunners achievement for in adjustment to get the best time.

The antecedent apple almanac stood for just over eight months until Muffan started to play the game. With the apple almanac in his hands, Muffan is acquisitive to see added associates of the speedrunning association yield up RuneScape speedruns in the future.

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Adding tax too the particular ge

Well this is gonna be controversial!

Soo, this game has constant inflation with all the cash coming into the sport by: alchin, drops and treasure hunter to call a few…

The reasoning for incorporating tax would be that the amount of cash of the activity doesnt increase to quickly i would suggest like a 0. 01%tax or a technique which alternates between just how much the ge price is off of the item…

I havent seen any post relating to this so i hope this really is recieved positivly or with the open look.

What would happen for the taxed money you request?
It would just become a money sink to stabilize the money coming in the game(select the runescapegoldfast to get more Rs Gold)

An progresssive tax system what do you mean?
i mean that the tax will become at about 100k in addition to slowly increase the higher the expense of the taxed item is
there are a several reasons for this:
-it would be safer to add because 0. 01% of 100k is definitely 10gp which isnt almost any decimals
-for an example: 0. 01 % of 100gp will be 0, 01 gp which could well be horrible to add the actual decimals ingame….
-the tax can also be aggresive to slow down an increased conjuctural movement.. (high influx of new items ingame) and stabalize a decreased conjuctrual movement
How is this good?
It could decrease this gap between rich and poor since the prices of item will probably drop slightly!

Wouldnt this ruin merchin or flipping?
noo it wouldnt simply because merchers /flippers usely have margins approximately 1-7 % and i will be suggesting a 0. 1% tax which is per flip minmalistic but for the whole economy could make a big difference.
What do you think this through?
-feel free to consult me any questions ill be very happy to answer them
-feel free to criticise (because i quickly can find answers for the which will add too the integrety with the idea)


Anyway have a good day
Hope yall have some ideas about stabalising the rs overall economy, and for more information about RS you can come to

What is “Old School” (To me)

This is really a monologue inspired by a post I saw, where there was some heated discussion on how some may pick on some others, for their concept of old-school.

I just want to say I don’t support anyone picking on anyone else. While I have my own ideas of what is old school to me, and what is not, I understand others will disagree. This disagreement is useful.

I will say from the start, those who says “all you anti-change people are the problem” I agree and disagree with you. There is a balance. Some things perhaps, should not be changed, and some things, perhaps, should be allowed.

Here’s the thing: not all updates, even if 100% of the population says they want it, are really good for the game. Some things, even if they do pass… and even if they are forced to pass, aren’t really good. There are ways to actually measure this but I’m just putting my position out there.

One example is this: “more gp and exp per hour are the only things people want” this seems to be the opinion of some of the staff. Some of the other staff have actually shown me they do trade-off analysis to show that, while option A is 4/5 on exp, it’s 2/5 on gp, and 1/5 on click intensive with 5/5 on amount of distance from a bank (just one made-up example).

As a person with somewhat selfish desires, there are things I want that will never (probably) happen, and I accept this because while it might pass polls , it won’t ever be polled because there is some loose agreement on “this probably shouldn’t be in the game”

In my time, I played when dungeoneering was now. I played when summoning was around with old-graphics (I don’t know just how old that is, or just what year dungeoneering was released, I guess it’s on the wiki somewhere)

To me, getting my bunyip pet was awesome, it was old school to me because the graphics were still old, EOC wasn’t out yet, the money-wheel wasn’t out yet. Thieving bonuses from agility levels (multiple pickpocket) was old school to me, I was sad it’s not in OSRS

However , I understand completely that there is a big outcry against summoning. I understand that the “pack animals” made things “easy scape” so the ENTIRE skill is basically outlawed in the minds of some. That makes me sad because I never even used those pets, I just used the magpie for rings, and the bunyip for healing.

While I understand it’s never coming back, it was part of my old-school experience. (I never really liked dungeoneering so I don’t really miss it)

But multi-pickpocketing was old, and so was summoning.
In my memory “reasonably old graphics” and old combat were “old school” to me

I logged into RS3 years later and had a heart attack! WHAT… there’s a skill bar like wow? What ARE these graphics? What IS this “tutorial” whaaattt?

I didn’t even know OSRS was already out. I wish I had known. I lamented for a while, my lost Old School experience. This isn’t what I remembered, but I’ll take it. I hope people can appreciate each other too , and treat each other nicely, with their different ideas on what is old.

And support the good growth and development of good ideas, and good changes.

RuneScape Getting Menaphos: The Golden City Extension This June

RuneScape getting new Menaphos: The Golden City enlargement on June 5th.

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RuneScape is to undertake its biggest shake way up in 16 years with the launch of Menaphos: The Golden City with June 5th, the first in the latest series of ‘RuneScape Expansions’ that may deliver towering pieces of new content in to the game. Beginning with Menaphos: The Golden City, RuneScape Expansions will be released every 3 months, and bring expansive brand-new areas and regions to the game world of Gielinor, at no added cost to RuneScape subscribers.

With an emphasis upon discovery and exploration, Menaphos is a city of legend that has been hiding in plain sight inside game for more when compared with 12 years. Until now, players have never seen beyond the location gates – but that’s information about to change. When the gates in order to Menaphos open, players will discover a large sandbox of a town with hanging gardens, streams, buildings trimmed with gold, and a huge pyramid : a mastaba – that looms over the city.

Menaphos is full regarding untold riches and stories waiting to become unearthed by the game’s a lot of players. However, players will arrive inside the city as unknown outsiders and also must build their reputation inside the city to become equally exalted and legendary one of several inhabitants. As they explore town, it won’t be long until they uncover the dark secret of corruption spreading through the metropolis. In addition, there will be new quests, a constantly shifting network of tombs that may be raided for their ancient riches and a new Slayer Dungeon, which will see the Slayer Capability cap raised from 99 to 120 for initially.

“RuneScape has always been underpinned with the telling of great tales and quests, and launching RuneScape Expansions – you start with Menaphos: The Golden City – allows us to do that in a totally new way, ” said David Osborne, Lead Designer, RuneScape. “We’re working hard to be sure this gleaming metropolis eclipses the Menaphos which has been in the imagination your many millions of players for greater decade, and we can’t wait to share more details over the coming weeks prior to the gates open. ”

The launch of RuneScape Expansions continues the long-running vein connected with Jagex working alongside its player base and allowing them to help decide the method its games evolve. A player survey executed in 2016 revealed a wish to have larger, more significant updates that will make massive additions on the game. The result? A total overhaul on the traditional weekly release schedule and the introduction of RuneScape Expansions.

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RuneScape Developers Launch Take great pride in Event Despite Homophobic Backlash


Gaymers have a new way to celebrate pride month – even though some players are workplace set ups in-game riots.

Video Game Developer and also Publisher Jagex launched the event on Old School Runescape to be able to celebrate LGBT pride calendar month. In the optional affair, players are sent out to recover rainbows throughout the chart. Once all pieces are generally collected, players are rewarded which has a rainbow scarf.

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As innocent as case may seem – the item doesn’t even mention the particular LGBT community directly – participants have lashed out against the company, reportedly dressing up while KKK members and attending in-game riots.

In-game screenshots reveal participants congregating in sets associated with white robes and a terrific way to that bear resemblance on the white supremacist outfit. “No gay pride, white pride, ” said one user in a screenshot posted to Reddit. “We pay, no gay. Sodomite scum, ” says another.

In response, Jagex released a statement from RuneScape Reddit mod ModMatK.

“Pride is about bringing communities together and celebrating adore and understanding: sentiment that’s close to be able to RuneScape’s heart, ” they wrote. “There’s no political statement here. Our only aim is to acknowledge and honour an event that promotes empathy, acceptance and love. ”

In response to the actual homophobic comments and riots:

“We are disappointed to discover some hateful and violent comments targeting individual customers of staff and players from a small sub-section of the community. We stand side by simply side with those focused, in support of them, and in support of the cause. There is absolutely room for hateful behaviour in our community and we will not tolerate abuse or perhaps harassment. ”

They closed their remarks in direct celebration regarding pride month. “Pride 2017 is something we wholeheartedly accept and are proud to support. We know the group stand with us in support of the cause. If you want showing your support, all you have to do is join in the event! ”