FIFA 18: An epic blend of wow features, smart functions and gorgeous graphics

No words can completely review this game, yet I have many words to tell its story. The work on FIFA 18 from beloved developers, EA Sports, is again top-notch in all departments. The 1.09 and 1.11 patches take this high-level game up even further.

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It’s hard to believe what a huge leap developers have made in only one year. Ultimately, FIFA 18 is far more awesome than FIFA 17. Improvements, from additions to advancements, have been offered with perfect flow. The super cool game again is on top of my favorites list and I am sure that it will be there until the next FIFA version.

Perfection in the features, proficiency with upgrades and flawless beauty with graphics.

FIFA 18 has already become seventh highest selling PlayStation 4 video game and it’s totally worth it! I have played FIFA 18 on almost all platforms and have gotten superb results on all of them.

Many improvements like football floating smoothly on the pitch, passing or close passing being leveled up and controls are smoother than ever. The most awaited upgrade in offline mode is just wow, so you are never far from best experience with FIFA 18. If you have a partner, then I don’t think you will be leaving this classic foot battle.

More good news! Hunter is back and you will be unable to get out of his amazing story and leaving it a secret will be better for game lovers.

Improvements in graphics are not just going from HD to more HD but making each of your players’ actions worth watching. Close combats, passing, shielding the ball and sprinting have become sharper, faster and more realistic.

While shielding your players now will not turn or look like they are spinning and they will be sharp enough when dribbling. Sprinting has jumped its quality from fool to cool! Just a gentle touch to move between the defenders and getting your ball back like a pro. The speed of your remote actions flawlessly match the speed of your players, so a moment of finger’s rest and ball is gone away from your side. Players look more realistic, so if you are a football fan, then, believe me, you will be with your favorite player and enjoy each moment of goosebumps with FIFA 18.

Accuracy at its peak, significantly responsive and huge range of features will surely make you fall in love!

This game’s responsiveness will surely make you fall in love with the game and I can assure that while playing this game, you will not have a second to blink your mind out of the football world.

A really minor issue that irritates me sometimes while in “Do or Die” matches is attacking mode. The defensive mode in this FIFA is smart and strong, however, in attacking mode this is not so!

On another hand, I think that it is good for the difficulty level of the game. So, don’t keep this flaw in your head and have one of the best experience with FIFA 18.

Worthy changes and improvements in gaming experience after 1.09 and 1.11 patch updates released

Fighting with flaws, the developers have earned even more appreciation for FIFA 18 after the 1.09 and 1.11 patch updates were released.

With the 1.09 patch update, gamers found the game much more exciting for PCs as the ability to improve the size of clickable buttons were added in the game menus when using a mouse. Also, the feature to add an on-screen and clickable ESC button was introduced which allows you to open the pause menu during gameplay by using a mouse.

Adding ease of accessibility to screen settings on all platforms is also one of the great features in the patch.

Following good feedback for the 1.09 patch, another cost-effective 1.11 patch update was introduced that boosted the game reviews to a great extent. With this update, the level of the game has touched some marvelous heights as the really irritating issue with replays of FUT Champions Channel was solved. The early ending matches that resulted in a DNF, where sometimes unclear or incorrect displays of players who suffered a loss that was a purely visual issue, has been vanquished with the updates.

Other minor ups and downs like “toggle tabs” buttons displayed as controller buttons while using a keyboard were also handled down to solutions.

So, all in all, it’s a really commendable job done by the developers to offer such brilliance in a single version of FIFA.

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