Add OSRS Tale of the Righteous Adventure & Added QoL Updates?

The Old School aggregation will accord a poll on some added QoL changes forth with a new amateur adventure OSRS Tale of the Righteous tomorrow. If they pass, a lot of will be adapted in the next 2 weeks. Preview all of them and there is OSRS Gold for auction on our site.

Brand-new Amateur adventure – Tale of the Righteous

The new amateur akin adventure will focus on the Shayzien House. In adjustment to alpha the quest, you accept to complete Client of Kourend and accept akin 16 Strength, 10 Mining as able-bodied as 20% Shayzien Favour first.

After commutual the quest, you will be adored 1 Adventure Point, 8,000 coins, 10% Shayzien favour, and Kharedst’s Memoirs Shayzien teleport page.


Some QoL improvements

Besides the quest, the aggregation aswell wish to do some QoL improvements recently, including:

1.Change the claim for entering the Volcanic Mine from 180 Kudos to 150 Kudos.

2.Add a left-click advantage for biking to the glider at Feldip Hills.

3.Be accustomed to abundance Penance armour in the POH Costume Room.

4.Be able to abide accepting favour in the houses of Kourend afterwards accident the favour for those you haven’t bound in at 100%.

5.Add a counter, assuming the amount of music advance you accept unlocked.

6.Increase a bassinet beside the hot air airship arrangement to accommodate up to 100 of every blazon of log required.

7.Grant the Fishing Accomplishment cape a teleport to Otto’s Grotto.

8.Increase the XP got from Long and Curved basic to 3 times the accepted quantity.

9.Remove the alarm from the Pyramid Plunder.

10.Add a new avenue to the arctic of the Grand Exchange while befitting the absolute Agility adjustment still faster than application the new exit.

Any account about all of these changes? Cast your votes as the poll goes reside in game. And don’t overlook the OSRS gold for auction here. This is 5% free coupon code ‘rs4uk’ for you!

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