Runescape: Deadman Summer Season, reside now!

The Summer Season is now live! The Summer Season will run until 19th April 2018, and the Summer Finals complete on 30th June 2018. Please use this code ‘rs4uk’ to buy 07 Rs Gold for 5% free.

We’ve bogus a ton of changes to accomplish this Season even bigger than before, it’s the complete time to play Deadman. Changes include:

Starter packs to get you traveling and beeline into the action.

30 annual of amnesty no bulk if you start.

Increased assets from a different Deadman bead table, added a attenuate Deadman bead table too!

For a abounding change list, bang here.

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Getting Started with Deadman

If you’re still apprehensive what Deadman is and ambition to get involved, Torvesta has created a adviser to get you started this Season! Watch it below.

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New To Old School?

If you’re analytic at Old School with beginning eyes, you adeptness be a bit afflicted – it’s a huge bold afterall! Our accompany Gunschilli and Shaperka acquire produced this ‘Noobs Adviser to Old School Runescape‘, accordance it a watch and get up to speed.

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Where to Watch Deadman

The Deadman Summer Season brings with it bags of agreeable to watch and enjoy. Over on Twitch you’ll acquisition bags of abundant Old School streamers advancing throughout the Season in an advance to accomplish it into the top 2,000 players to authorize for the Summer Finals.

As able-bodied as Runescape Twitch channel, you’ll aswell be able to acquisition endless of agitative video agreeable on YouTube.

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