Clue Scrolls are Returning to RuneScape Afterwards Accepting Absolutely Overhauled


Back in 2017, Jagex appear a analysis for RuneScape players ( use this code ‘birthday’ to get more 20% off to buy Runescape accounts on rs4uk before 15th Mar) allurement for them to rank their alternative for approaching updates. The a lot of adapted affection based on that analysis was an overhauled Clue Scrolls system, and an added and avant-garde adaptation of the arrangement is assuredly coming. The new adaptation will accredit players to snag the a lot of admired in-game rewards in the game’s Abundance Trails activity, it will aswell alleviate the Adept Coffer of riddles and puzzles, and the abeyant to bare some of the “most admired abundance in the absolute MMORPG.” So this is some abundant account for the accessory hounds. You apperceive who you are.

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If you’re new to Clue Scrolls, they’re RuneScape‘s anatomy of abundance hunts, which accord players a alternation of clues, riddles, and puzzles to break which will advance them to alive treasure. With the Adept Tier, Clue Scrolls will now acquire 5 levels of difficulty, with rewards ascent to match. Players commutual the Adept Coffer abundance hunts acquire the adventitious to acquisition over 60 new rewards for top end gear, including the Added Age armor, black outfits, and the Robin Hood outfit. These are some of the a lot of admired items attainable currently in the game, which makes them a absurd cachet symbol.

Clue Scrolls will aswell acquire a added automated and absorbing experience, including the adeptness to backing items in acceptable locations. The new Clue Scrolls will accompany with a barrage of new meta, top scores, a accumulating log, and a aboriginal Globetrotter Outfit.

Said Matt Casey, Senior Product Manager, Runescape said of the update:

When we batten to our players at RuneFest 2017, we capital to accomplish it bright that we would be carrying some of their a lot of adapted updates to RuneScape throughout 2018. With the abounding barrage of the Clue Annal rework we’re alpha to do just that, whether it’s the hardcore claiming of the Adept Tier, or the abundantly adorable rewards at the end of the trails.


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