Changes to OSRS Wilderness Rejuvenation II Advancing This Week


This Week we will see some changes to OSRS Wilderness Rejuvenation II advancing in game, including recreated Mage Arena 2 bang-up – Guthix Ent & Saradomin Knight, and bead table changes aural OSRS Revenant caves. The drops in caves will bigger adjust with the polled GP rates.

What changes will you see with Mage Arena 2?

With a lot of acknowledgment centered on the conflict amid agreeable and cartoon with the Wilderness Rejuvenation release, Old School aggregation arise that the afterward changes to Mage Arena 2 OSRS will be apparent in bold next week:

1. The Mage Arena 2 bang-up mechanics accept been adapted hardly to accomplish it feel added challenging.

2. Mage Arena 2 bang-up cartoon is absolutely recreated with new assets, including cast new Guthix Ent bang-up and the Saradomin Knight boss.

3. The Twisted bow will no best be applicable adjoin the bosses.

4. The adventure of Mage Arena 2 has been expanded. It will now added carefully chase archetypal lore.

Notice that all of the all-important detail will be included in the account amend account post.

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Drop Table Changes aural OSRS Revenant caves

As the accepted GP/hr amount in OSRS Revenant caves is far abbreviate of polled GP rate, the Old School Aggregation affairs to accomplish some adjustment. Next anniversary the Revenant bead tables will be adapted with the afterward changes:

1. The likelihood of landing on the accustomed boodle table will be added instead of coins.

2. Some bottom admired drops will be removed.

3. The quantities of approved boodle will be increased.

4. Assorted weightings beyond the accustomed boodle table will be tweaked.

5. All “artificial” 100x drops will be removed.

6. 16m, 8m and 4m Statuettes are added to the appropriate boodle table, and the allowance on the appropriate boodle table are afflicted to board this.

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