Old School QoL Month Starts & Enjoy OSRS Gold on Mobile

OSRS QoL month has started with four areas of focus: PvM, Skilling, PvP, Minigames and others, and the PvM Week will end on Feb 5. If you have any suggestions on these areas, simply go to the official forum to write down them and enjoy safe OSRS gold on mobile from us.

Schedule for OSRS QoL month with PvM Week first

Old School QoL month has arrived as the team plans to spend the entirety of February dedicated to Quality of Life updates. There are four areas of focus coming each week:
Week 1 – PvM
Week 2 – Skilling
Week 3 – PvP
Week 4 – Minigames and other
PvM Week has started from January 31 to February 5, and most PvM Week content is ready for Feb 8. The next Skilling Week will begin on Feb 5 at the end of PvM Week.
You can see all of the poll questions in PvM Poll Blog, and then share your suggestions on the Old School Content Suggestions forum or Reddit. Please remember to write down which area you are referring to when making comments.

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