Oh man. Arguably the two a lot of important weeks in the Ones to Watch bazaar accept begun! Huge expectations for a January accumulation of OTW items, accompanying with a appropriate OTW SBC we saw endure year, accept players scrambling to aces up these activating items.

So, naturally, and expectally, OTW amateur prices accept attempt up! Of course, the all-embracing FUT bazaar is aswell aggressive up, so the OTW bazaar is not abandoned in absolute returns; however, massive account allotment banderole this week, but there’s affluence to allocution about to accomplish abiding anybody stays informed.

Important Note: The data/prices will be taken from Xbox One. However, this year, amateur prices beyond both consoles assume added agnate than ever. If PS4 players accept feedback, amuse let us know.

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The blueprint aloft is a abridged overview of all the keypoints from the abstracts that I calm over the anniversary (data below). Do not affront if some of the agreement are alien as I will do my best to explain what they are, and how they are cogent to the OTW market.

Highs/Lows These abstracts represent the accomplished and everyman prices of the items over the week. Note that these can appear from any amount during the week, so consistently assay the amount afore listing.

– Quick take: We are still absolutely big on analytical the bigger high/low differences because those reflect the advertising abeyant of an item, as able-bodied as gives you a feel for some acceptable trading options. That getting said, players like Ederson, Alvaro Morata and Keita Balde are examples of players who could be ideal barter accoutrement for you. Now you can buy FIFA 18 Comfort Trade Coins in cheap, the coupon code ‘fifacoin-buy’could save 5% discount money.

Volatility Volatility, abstinent in agreement of bill and a metric of risk, reflects the amount aberration trends of the OTW player’s item.

– Quick take: Its not that generally that the lower bank players accept college animation than the elites! If you are anyone who enjoys the top animation and risk/reward that comes with that Mohammed Salah or Bruma ability be your man, but if you’re a added alert banker Alexandre Lacazette and Andriy Yarmolenko are bigger options.

Beta Beta, addition accident statistic, represents the addiction of an account to acknowledge to swings in the market, and the college the amount the greater the accepted amount shift.

– Quick take: Searching at the numbers this week, it seems a lot of the average to top end players are afterward the bazaar appropriately (betas abutting to zero). That getting said the brand of Douglas Costa, Romelu Lukaku and Nelson Semedo accept abeyant to beat massively up or down depending on if the bazaar continues to climb.

TOTW Shout Addition solid anniversary for absolute activity performances by Ones to Watch items. This anniversary the top contour Neymar destroyed Dijon FC to aces up his 95 rated item, while Franck Kessie snagged two goals, arch AC Milan to a win and a advancement for himself.


For your account and mine, every anniversary I will focus some all-embracing assay on a few OTW items highlighting a big winner(s) & big loser. I accept provided a snapshot of their circadian returns, but will aswell be apropos to some of the statistics in the Account Rundown graph. So, let’s begin.


More than bisected of the OTW items accept astronomic account allotment and we accept absent abroad from acrimonious upgraded players recently, but a 90% acknowledgment from Franck Kessie has him as this week’s bigger winner. The Ivorian put in a chic performance, which abounding humans had been assured for a while, but there are added absorbing facets to cover.

Doing our activity of searching over some account stats, a massive animation (~8,500) and top beta (1.24) reflect the midfield man’s huge advertising abeyant and consecutive amount swing. Added digging down there, hopefully you awash into the advertising if he was college than 40k because as the anniversary abject on, and even afterwards he accustomed his infom, Kessie’s amount alone to about 30k. The above-mentioned bearings follows a trend of upgraded OTW items, so if you didn’t apprentice afore accomplish abiding to not echo your aberration later.

Our final acumen on Kessie is that he is one of the bigger options to aces up as a OTW SBC investment back there is a top accumulation of him, and at 81 rated he will plan able-bodied if there is a top SBC appraisement requirement.


From one AC Milan brilliant to another, this week’s bigger also-ran is Leonardo Bonucci. Although the ex-Juventus apostle best up a TOTY (which is a beast), his adverse account acknowledgment of -27.7% puts him in our hot seat.

Looking at the stats, Bonucci sports a almost low animation (~3,700) but a top beta (1.74). To explain the low volatility, one can attending to his amount trend of the anniversary which was a abiding bead as humans assuredly awash off their TOTY investment for a loss. But, as the advertise off began it collection Bonucci down beneath his pre-TOTY price, which has him assertive for a big amount beat if he can put in an acquaint performance; thereby answer his top beta.

At the moment, Bonucci is at an best low. This presents an absorbing bearings for investors: do you aces him up acquisitive for an inform? Or break bright and watch his amount collapse about Lunar New Year? The brawl is in your court…


Bringing the commodity to a close, the anniversary post-TOTY has apparent the accepted bazaar ascend up, but the OTW area has exploded as investors attending to the next big advance in aboriginal February. Prices should abide to ascend and at atomic break stable, but adviser absolute activity transfers as the OTW SBC advertising is angry anon to the contour of those January deals. Some absorbing final quick takes:

– OTW traders: Prices accept attempt up, but there are still affairs to aces up players on accessible bid, just be abiding to cast them quick as animation is high.

– OTW investors: Humans accept absolutely started to invest, so the best tip we can accord you is to advertise into the advertising next anniversary if you’re searching for affirmed profit! (Buying now for investments is risky).

Let us apperceive how absorbed you are for an OTW SBC below! As consistently accomplish abiding to assay out our Path to Glory update!

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