OSRS Mobile Beta Invites Sent from Message Center Jan 30th


The Old School team will start the long-expected OSRS Mobile Beta tomorrow, with the first 2,000 invites sent through Message Center. Please be wary of phishing attempts as there is only way to receive the testers invites. You can also see the latest information on OSRS Mobile data & battery usage.

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OSRS Mobile Beta will start with first 2K testers

With the plan for OSRS Mobile Beta coming in early 2018, the first 2,000 OSRS Mobile testers will receive their first Message Center message on Tuesday, January 30.
It can be confirmed that the selection of testers is based on device, active playtime, and account history instead of social influence, which means every active Old School RuneScape players have the chance of being the first lucky testers.
The OSRS Mobile Beta invites will be sent through Message Centre, with no other ways announced officially. If you don’t receive a Message Centre invite, unfortunately you’re not invited to this OSRS Mobile Technical Beta. Please be wary of phishing attempts.

How is OSRS Mobile going to affect your phone?

From the edited version of news post which talks about OSRS Mobile data & battery usage, we can see how the game will affect our phone.
The Old School app size is under 100MB, but this will most likely increase with updates, and may differ per device. It currently uses 500kb to 2MB on average of data per hour of full gameplay. Note that this was in a test scenario and real world results may vary.
About battery usage, OSRS Mobile will cause the battery to drain at the rate of between 8% and 12% per hour while playing on average. This relatively low rate of drain ensures even the longest commutes will be made bearable.

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