Use Salve Amulet (e/ei) on Vorkath & Get Dragon Metal Shard OSRS


When commutual the Dragon Slayer 2, you will accretion admission to abounding Myths’ brotherhood for Dragon Metal Shard and abounding others. In addition, the Old School aggregation has done some changes according to your feedback, for example: the Salve Amulet e/ei and Salve Amulet OSRS can be acclimated adjoin Vorkath.

Dragon Slayer II Quest

Salve amulet (e/ei) OSRS able to Vorkath

From now on, the Salve Amulet and its bugged adaptation (Salve Amulet e & Salve Amulet ei) are able adjoin Vorkath, both for its adventure and post-quest forms.

When worn, the Salve Amulet OSRS can admission your Attack and Strength by 15% while advancing undead monsters. And the benefit will admission to 20% if it’s upgraded to the Salve Amulet e, which is fabricated by application Tarn’s account on the accustomed version.

What is more, the Salve Amulet (e) can be absorbed into a Salve Amulet(ei), which can admission the the wearer’s accident and accurateness in Ranged and Abracadabra by 20% besides the aloft boost.

Obtain Dragon Metal Shard to actualize Dragon Slayer Platebody OSRS

Upon the antagonism of DS 2, you will accretion the abounding admission to the Myths’ guild, absolute a bank, an armoury, a ambit and a sink, a garden with 4 Abracadabra Trees, A abundance with 4 Adamantite rocks and 2 Runite rocks, a abbey with an altar, the Fountain of Myths, a aperture chamber, a library, and a alcove with assorted kinds of dragons.

From the armoury abundance you will accretion Dragon Metal Shard ((1,800,000 coins), Dragon Dagger (30,000 coins) and more. Abounding players like to actualize a Dragon Platebody by accumulation a Dragon Chainbody, Dragon Metal Lump, and Dragon Metal Shard, which requires 90 Smithing.

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