Runescape: Cook’s Assistant Quest Guide

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Talk to the Cook on the aboriginal attic of Lumbridge Alcazar and ask him what is wrong. He will explain how he forgot to buy the capacity for a block he needs to accomplish for Duke Horacio’s birthday. He asks if you could advice aback the items for him. Agree to advice him. There are three capacity you acquire to find: Added accomplished flour, Top-quality milk, and a Super ample egg.

Leave Lumbridge Alcazar and arch northwest, afterward the aisle until you arise to a acreage abounding of aureate with a windmill next to it. Go into the acreage and bang on one of the aureate stalks to aces some Wheat.

You’ll now allegation to bullwork up the Aureate into flour. Go central windmill and allocution to Millie Miller. Ascend the ladder up to the top attic and already there, use your aureate with the alembic and accomplish the controls. Arch aback down to the aboriginal attic and aces up the Pot on the table and afresh yield your afresh arena Added accomplished abrade from the abrade bin.

Now it’s time to admission the Super ample egg. These eggs can be best up at Fred the Farmer’s acreage to the east of the windmill. Artlessly accessible the aboideau and aces up the egg.

Next, arch to the cow acreage east of Lumbridge, beyond the arch next to the boiler and accessory for the Dairy cow on the east ancillary of the field. Aces up the Brazier and bang on the Prized dairy cow to ‘Milk’ her and admission some Top-quality milk.

Now that you acquire aggregate all three ingredients, arch aback to the Cook in Lumbridge Alcazar and allocution to him to acquire your reward.

Congratulations! Adventure Complete!

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