Is RuneScape Benefit XP Weekend Advancing as 2018 New Year Gift?


A lot of RS players acquire just activate a 1.1× XP accession ancestor up suddenly, and they can get 10% Benefit XP in bold appropriate now. But they all wonders what is traveling on. Some anticipate it functions like the RuneScape Benefit XP Weekend, while others acquire it’s the New Year’s celebration. You can buy RS gold first.

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Edit (28th Dec.): This 10% XP addict will run until 23:59 UTC January 1 for New Year.

Bonus XP accident – alive like RuneScape Benefit XP Weekend

Today affluence of bodies see a 1.1× XP accession just ancestor up on the awning all of a sudden. For there is no official advertisement on Twitter, Facebook, or anywhere abroad afore its happening, the players acquire no abstraction what this is about. Some assumption it’s a bug that the RS aggregation apparently forgot to abolish the cipher from endure year. However, some added players anticipate it’s brash as a backward Christmas allowance or for adulatory the new year.

Finally, anyone abstracts out there is a notification in the babble box at reset, adage “Bonus XP is now active! Earning 10% added acquaintance to bless the New Year!”, which seems an unannounced 1.1× accident for the new year. It’s said that this works like the RuneScape Benefit XP Weekend, and at atomic it doesn’t assemblage with gilded altars according to some players.

How continued will this RuneScape Benefit XP accident last?

The players all are acquisitive to apprentice how continued the Benefit XP accident will last. A amateur anticipate this is alone a one-day accident and will end as of midnight December 27 GMT. However, some players assumption this will endure until new year. What is more, this benefit will go up by .1X anniversary day, like tomorrow 1.2×, the next day 1.3×….

No bulk how continued this RuneScape Benefit XP accident will work, or how it works, this is a abundant surprise. Right? Let’s acquire fun calm and buy rs gold here.

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