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Some players assume to ambition a 1-99 mining adviser which doesn’t crave abundant skill. I do apperceive that there may be added mining guides out there, about abundance seems to be hardly altered than their. Use this link to learn more cheapest price Old School Runescape Gold this year on rs4uk.

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And ey, who knows, altered players may acknowledge altered guides.


Before we activate the guide, you may charge to accretion an compassionate of what pickaxe you could use at your level… the account beneath shows the exact requirements to use a assertive pickaxe.

Bronze/Iron – 1 mining required.

Steel pickaxe – 6 mining required.

Mithril pickaxe – 21 mining required.

Adamant pickaxe – 31 mining required.

Rune pickaxe – 41 mining required.

Dragon pickaxe – N/A appear 9 Sep 2009.

Level 1-15

Copper and Tin ore.

You’re traveling to charge to abundance a absolute of 138 ores. This agency that you could abundance 69 Chestnut ores and 69 Tin ores, by accomplishing this you’re able to save some banknote for smithing as you’ll already accept 69 brownish confined accessible to be smelted!

You accretion 17.5 xp per ore.

138*17.5 = 2415 xp

Level 15-45

Iron ore.

Whilst mining determined ore, you’ll gradually get faster abased on the pickaxe you have, at akin 15 you’ll abundance rather slow, however, it’ll be annual it as you akin up. From akin 15-45, you’re traveling to accept to abundance 1,689 Determined ores. I apperceive it seems like a lot, but you’re aswell accepting a lot of money through this method.

You accretion 35 xp per ore.

1,689*35 = 59,115.

You can use assorted sites to abundance determined ore…

You could use:

The antecedent spot.

East Ardougne.

East Yanille.

Level 45 – 99

Even admitting this adjustment may be actual boring, I acerb admonish for you to do this, I acclimated this adjustment to get me beeline to 85, breadth I could abundance runite ore. Although it may not be actual enjoyable, It’s actual fast.

When mining you capital get:

A 500G section of granite. (50 xp)

A 2Kg section of granite. (60 xp)

A 5Kg section of granite. (70 xp)

keep in apperception that this is 2007, so you may an bugged baptize amulet or waterskin’s if entering the desert.

You’re traveling to charge to abundance a minimum of 235,000 granite pieces.

YES! This is an acute amount, but mining is absolutely a unique, attenuate skill. Accepting 99 mining is absolutely an achievement, and already the continued harder delay is over… you’ll absolutely be noticed.

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