RuneScape Mobile


RuneScape Adaptable is an attainable adaptable applicant for RuneScape and Old School RuneScape (known as Old School Mobile) appear on 17 July 2017. There will be two abstracted apps for the games, and the apps will be attainable for chargeless on iOS and Android. Runescape gold for mobile will be online on rs4uk.

Runescape mobile gold

The adaptable app for the capital adaptation of RuneScape is appointed for absolution in mid-2018. The app for Old School RuneScape was originally slated for absolution in Winter 2017 but this has aback been adjourned to aboriginal 2018. It is easier to anchorage Old School RuneScape to adaptable due to it application a abate engine.

Players can assurance up to accurate their absorption in abutting a beta analysis for RuneScape Mobile.[4] Over 150,000 players had registered their absorption in the betas afore 19 July 2017. The bankrupt beta for Old School RuneScape was accepted to alpha in Q4 2017, but this has been pushed aback to January 2018.


RuneScape Adaptable will acquiesce players to play both RuneScape and Old School RuneScape on their adaptable devices. It will plan cross-platform with players on PC, and players will be able to play application the aforementioned characters as they do on their desktop clients.

Microtransactions will be attainable in the aforementioned way that they are on PC, and no microtransactions will be attainable for Old School RuneScape. Players will be able to admission Solomon’s Accepted Abundance and acquirement Treasure Hunter keys or bonds.

The apps will accept append and resume abutment which will accumulate players logged in but abandoned (for as continued as they would be in the desktop version) if the amateur switches to addition app, e.g to yield a buzz call. Additionally, audio that is arena from added apps will abide to play while the bold is open, admitting the amateur can accept to accept to the in-game music instead.

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