Old School RuneScape Abundance Trails


Treasure Trails is an activity which involves clue scrolls, rarely alone items alone by the majority of monsters in RuneScape. Clue scrolls accommodate clues and riddles for the amateur to breach to adeptness the casket and acquire the rewards. The college the akin of the monster, the harder the clue annal that it will drop. Abundance Trails are alone attainable to members. Runescapegoldfast have prepare more and cheap runescape gold for runescape playeres.

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If you charge advice or are ashore at analytic a clue scroll, go to the Abundance Trails Guide.

A amateur may analysis the bulk of Abundance Trails they accept completed by beat on the Abundance Trail Statistics on the east coffer of the Anchor Reception Allowance southwest of Ardougne, arctic of Castle Wars.

You should not chance out searching for abundance afterwards these items!

Clue annal Clue annal – Afterwards the clue annal in your inventory, you cannot advance to the next clue.

Spade Spade – Acclimated for clues that crave digging.

Difficulty levels

There are 5 types of adversity levels for a clue scroll, these are: easy, medium, hard, aristocratic and master. Added difficult trails accommodate added admired rewards, for archetype simple clues can accept atramentous akin armour as a accolade admitting harder clues would accept a adventitious of giving rune akin armour instead.

Only one clue annal of the aforementioned adversity may be in player’s possesion at a time (including banks and inventory), but it is attainable to acquire assorted scrolls of altered difficulties each.

Easy scrolls can be 2-4 clues continued with few or no chance requirements.

Medium scrolls can be 3-5 clues continued with some chance requirements.

Hard scrolls can be 4-6 clues continued with high-levelled enemies to defeat, and high-levelled chance requirements.

Elite scrolls can be 5-7 clues continued with high-levelled enemies to defeat such as Armadylian or Bandosian guards, and high-leveled chance and accomplishment requirements.

Master scrolls can be 5-8 clues long, and are the accomplished coffer of clue scrolls, accepting stronger enemies like the Brassican Mage and Ancient Wizards, forth with assorted items and actual high-leveled chance and accomplishment requirements.

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