Runescape Yanille Agility Dungeon

Once you have reached level 67 agility and you’re tired with training at the different available courses, you can train the following. The Yanille agility dungeon is found north of Yanille. You might want to bring a weapon, some armour, and antipoison potions. You will need these because in this agility dungeon there are several monsters and poison bots.

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If you manage to go to the end of the actual dungeon, there is Salarin the actual Twisted, a level 70 person, who is one from the only monsters in all of RuneScape that drops the particular Sinister Key (a number of the new Implings drop this key as well, more free cheap runescape gold at here). Use this key in order to open a chest in the dungeon that contains the actual herb to Zamorak Brew and many other random herbs.

If you really like Herblore then this can be the place for you to learn agility or for the number of herbs. This dungeon is full of chaos druids and disorder druid warriors. Chaos druid warriors also drop whiteberries, and other secondary elements. Therefore, instead of risking your lifetime going up into the particular wild and picking them up where the dangerous and mighty crimson dragon slumbers, you can fight chaos druid warriors to the whiteberries.

When you enter the dungeon, you will find yourself within a small room with a few giant bats (level-27).

Balancing ledge
Level: 40 Agility
Experience gained: 22
Can fail?: Yes
If you fail this particular obstacle, you will fall into a pit of poison spiders and you will have to start all over once more.
If you pass that obstacle, you will find yourself in the place with eight chaos druid warriors (level-37).

Obstacle pipe
Level: 29 Agility
Experience gained: 7. 5
Can fail?: No
After you have been through the obstacle pipe you will discover yourself in a area with five skeletons (level-45). This area also provides the Sinister chest.

Monkey bars
Level: 57
Experience gained: 20
Can fail?: Yes
If you fail, you will fall into a pit of poison spiders and you will have to start all the way from the beginning.
If you pass this obstacle, you will come for an area with two large bats (level-27) as well as seven chaos druids (level-13). If you go along the staircase a tad north, you will come to a Lockpick spawn.

Pile of rubble
Level: 67
Experience gained: 5. 5
Can fail?: No
You will now go to an area with 4 chaos druids (level-13), and a Salarin the actual Twisted (level-70). Salarin the Twisted sheds the Sinister key, use this to open the Sinister chest in an earlier room.

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