Atlanta Falcons (91 Aggregation OVR) 5 top-rated players

Atlanta Falcons

Julio Jones: 98 OVR

Matt Ryan: 96 OVR

Alex Mack: 91 OVR

Devonta Freeman: 89 OVR

Desmond Trufant: 89 OVR

Outside of kickers and punters, there are 28 players on the Atlanta Falcons with an OVR appraisement of 75 or higher. If you amalgamate that with the actuality that just three players accept an OVR appraisement of lower than 58, you accept yet addition accomplished archetype of the Falcons’ fate getting angry to 28-3 this year.

It’s befitting that this aggregation is rated the second-best aggregation in Anger 18, appropriate abaft the New England Patriots (seriously, they are). With a quarterback in Matt Ryan throwing to Julio Jones time and time again, with Alex Mack casting him the ball, you accept a leash of players with OVR ratings of 91 or aloft absolutely authoritative plays as a amount unit. Combined with bisected backs rated 89 and 85, respectively, Matt Bryant as an 85 OVR article and added accepting targets sitting at 79 or higher, the Falcons are able to account upwards of four touchdowns in quick assumption over 30 added teams in the league.

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