What we know regarding FIFA 18’s new features until now

FIFA 18 will be unleashed for the world on September twenty nine – huzzah! It was properly unveiled in the E3 convention in La earlier this year, and more information may be trickled through since regarding features, new modes and brand-new platforms.
But the question remains – is it worth spending your hard-earned funds on? To help you determine, we’ve gathered all giving her a very info below, complete with links to some of our past features within the game (including each of our recent hands-on session from Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge).

Gameplay: what’s new?
FIFA 18’s most prominent gameplay improvements consentrate on a few key regions:

More precise and creative dribbling mechanics
Realistic player personalities and also an all-new animation system (‘Real Player Motions Technology’ it says the following)
New crossing mechanics (far more on that here)
Varied team styles
EA also makes reference to ‘Dramatic Moments’ – a head unit that takes advantage regarding new animations to “unlock a lot more fluid striking and heading from the ball”. As for team designs, the game aims to incorporate more authentic tactics with improved player positioning.
Another new feature is that of ‘Dynamic Quick Subs’ – a chance to make changes on the fly in lieu of navigating to the menus – while set-pieces (penalties in particular) have been tinkered having too.

‘Immersive atmospheres’
The debut of the particular Frostbite engine in FIFA teen significantly improved the visuals of countless elements, but crowds weren’t one of them. This year, an ‘Immersive Atmospheres’ feature seeks to create dramatic improvements to this element of the game. Now, you’ll be able to connect to high-definition fans as anyone celebrate, gaze at stadium-specific banners from the stands and benefit coming from signature pitch-side fixtures.

More authentic overlays for many of the world’s top leagues will populate each encounter, alongside a smattering connected with unique camera angles with regard to added realism. Other features include cinematic atmosphere grading, authentic sun positions, adaptive commentary and deteriorating pitch quality as each match wears on. Expect improvements to player models and celebrations far too.

Alex Hunter is back again
FIFA 18 will showcase the next outing of fictional persona Alex Hunter and his career from the Journey: Hunter Returns mode. This time, a range of new features requires the Englishman’s story in the different direction, splitting the tale right six-chapter saga. No longer will Alex be on a the top two limbs of English football – he’ll become heading across “the earth of football” in Season Two.

Details are still constrained, but The Journey: Hunter Returns would appear to boast a similar-length plot to last year’s video game, incorporating new customisation functions for Alex (hair, clothing etc), alongside an updated toss of fictional and real-world brands.
Additionally, a leaked video (below) for the recent Gamescom convention seemed to suggest a mini FIFA Street-style feature will likely be incorporated into the mode – possibly over the Brazilian favelas segment on the story.


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