Adding tax too the particular ge

Well this is gonna be controversial!

Soo, this game has constant inflation with all the cash coming into the sport by: alchin, drops and treasure hunter to call a few…

The reasoning for incorporating tax would be that the amount of cash of the activity doesnt increase to quickly i would suggest like a 0. 01%tax or a technique which alternates between just how much the ge price is off of the item…

I havent seen any post relating to this so i hope this really is recieved positivly or with the open look.

What would happen for the taxed money you request?
It would just become a money sink to stabilize the money coming in the game(select the runescapegoldfast to get more Rs Gold)

An progresssive tax system what do you mean?
i mean that the tax will become at about 100k in addition to slowly increase the higher the expense of the taxed item is
there are a several reasons for this:
-it would be safer to add because 0. 01% of 100k is definitely 10gp which isnt almost any decimals
-for an example: 0. 01 % of 100gp will be 0, 01 gp which could well be horrible to add the actual decimals ingame….
-the tax can also be aggresive to slow down an increased conjuctural movement.. (high influx of new items ingame) and stabalize a decreased conjuctrual movement
How is this good?
It could decrease this gap between rich and poor since the prices of item will probably drop slightly!

Wouldnt this ruin merchin or flipping?
noo it wouldnt simply because merchers /flippers usely have margins approximately 1-7 % and i will be suggesting a 0. 1% tax which is per flip minmalistic but for the whole economy could make a big difference.
What do you think this through?
-feel free to consult me any questions ill be very happy to answer them
-feel free to criticise (because i quickly can find answers for the which will add too the integrety with the idea)


Anyway have a good day
Hope yall have some ideas about stabalising the rs overall economy, and for more information about RS you can come to

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