What is “Old School” (To me)

This is really a monologue inspired by a post I saw, where there was some heated discussion on how some may pick on some others, for their concept of old-school.

I just want to say I don’t support anyone picking on anyone else. While I have my own ideas of what is old school to me, and what is not, I understand others will disagree. This disagreement is useful.

I will say from the start, those who says “all you anti-change people are the problem” I agree and disagree with you. There is a balance. Some things perhaps, should not be changed, and some things, perhaps, should be allowed.

Here’s the thing: not all updates, even if 100% of the population says they want it, are really good for the game. Some things, even if they do pass… and even if they are forced to pass, aren’t really good. There are ways to actually measure this but I’m just putting my position out there.

One example is this: “more gp and exp per hour are the only things people want” this seems to be the opinion of some of the staff. Some of the other staff have actually shown me they do trade-off analysis to show that, while option A is 4/5 on exp, it’s 2/5 on gp, and 1/5 on click intensive with 5/5 on amount of distance from a bank (just one made-up example).

As a person with somewhat selfish desires, there are things I want that will never (probably) happen, and I accept this because while it might pass polls , it won’t ever be polled because there is some loose agreement on “this probably shouldn’t be in the game”

In my time, I played when dungeoneering was now. I played when summoning was around with old-graphics (I don’t know just how old that is, or just what year dungeoneering was released, I guess it’s on the wiki somewhere)

To me, getting my bunyip pet was awesome, it was old school to me because the graphics were still old, EOC wasn’t out yet, the money-wheel wasn’t out yet. Thieving bonuses from agility levels (multiple pickpocket) was old school to me, I was sad it’s not in OSRS

However , I understand completely that there is a big outcry against summoning. I understand that the “pack animals” made things “easy scape” so the ENTIRE skill is basically outlawed in the minds of some. That makes me sad because I never even used those pets, I just used the magpie for rings, and the bunyip for healing.

While I understand it’s never coming back, it was part of my old-school experience. (I never really liked dungeoneering so I don’t really miss it)

But multi-pickpocketing was old, and so was summoning.
In my memory “reasonably old graphics” and old combat were “old school” to me

I logged into RS3 years later and had a heart attack! WHAT… there’s a skill bar like wow? What ARE these graphics? What IS this “tutorial” whaaattt?

I didn’t even know OSRS was already out. I wish I had known. I lamented for a while, my lost Old School experience. This isn’t what I remembered, but I’ll take it. I hope people can appreciate each other too , and treat each other nicely, with their different ideas on what is old.

And support the good growth and development of good ideas, and good changes.

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