Richardson wants to bump Tom Brady ‘off their throne’

Sheldon Richardson has defeated the newest England Patriots just a second time in four years, losing six times to Tom Brady(NFL 18 cover star). Despite the repeated defeat downs, the New York Aircraft defensive lineman isn’t accomplished chasing the Hall associated with Fame quarterback.

NFL 18 cover star

“I’ve told him just before I’ve left the field, ‘Bro, don’t retire till I beat you, ‘” Richardson told NJ. com last week at minicamp. “He laughed it off and kept going. It’s a pleasure to play against him. But he knows what I’m chasing, and he knows I’m trying to knock the king off his throne. ”

This is where the majority of readers crack up laughing on the Jets having a chance to knock off anything in 2017. We’ll just take a minute to remind everyone that Richardson’s comment will be the only mentality for professional athletes. The man in the particular arena must believe he can win, otherwise he shouldn’t step around the field.

With that said, the Jets are draining down their roster for you to bare bones, while the Patriots are usually stockpiling talent, including ex-Gang Green linebacker Donald Harris, for a run in a sixth Lombardi Trophy. Any preseason projections should begin with the Pats at the very top and Jets at the lower.

If Richardson, entering the final year of his contract, is to knock off the soon-to-be 40-year-old Brady, it might have to be in the future with a new crew.


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