EA Sports introduces “Longshot” Account Mode to Madden NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE 18

After its successful debut recently in FIFA 17, EA Sports is growing their sports-based storytelling to add in Madden NFL 18. Taking most of their cues from Friday Nights Lights, as well as some sort of dash of Any Given Sunday and also the Program, the “Longshot” Story Mode was revealed during their E3-adjacent EA Play affair today.

Madden NFL Longshot

“Longshot” will follow the story of Devin “Longshot” Wade, a star quarterback who stepped away from the football field for some years after high university. Portrayed by JR ” lemon “, Wade wants one very last shot at NFL honor. The cast also includes Oscar winner Mahershala Ali while his father, along with Scott Porter as his closest friend, and Hall of Celebrity quarterback Dan Marino while himself .

The first trailer for “Longshot” may be embedded above, and a quick introduction to the new mode is found at the game’s public website.

Madden NFL 18 will likely be available for the PS4 along with Xbox One on May 25.

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