‘RuneScape’: What These Weird Words Mean

Yesterday, many RuneScape players found themselves receiving several strange messages such seeing that:

The continued desecration of the caverns below Menaphos and Sophanem have spark a flux of corrupted internal energy. The Magister has start seeing your presence.

Okay? That doesn’t give us a lot to go off nevertheless more messages were seen today.

Strange reverberations are causing the earth below Menaphos and Sophanem to help groan. The corruption and soul energies within the desert are becoming progressively unstable.

From the looks associated with things, some things are taking place in Menaphos and Sophanem. A follow-up message appeared today as well.

The desert sands tremble while using the undulating cry of many despairing souls. Mysterious obelisks have started appearing inside streets of Menaphos.

Interacting with these obelisks will grant a lot of city reputation, Runecrafting and Prayer experience. A maximum of 20, 000 reputation can always be gained daily from reaching the obelisks. If you plan on accomplishing this, it shouldn’t take much longer than a half time. But what is happening? It turns out most of these messages and obelisks are a teaser for the upcoming Magister boss.

Users went on Reddit for answers and Jagex Mod Orion established the messages were for the reason that players were doing certain things in the game.

You guys triggered it like a community by doing transferring tombs and killing from the slayer dungeon. More to come.

The Magister is a future solo boss for the game and will also be found in the Sophanem Slayer Dungeon. In order to fight him, you’ll need a Key towards Crossing per kill along with level 115 Slayer. The Magister will count being a Soul Reaper task and will drop five new lore publications, as learned in this Slayer Q&A video in Twitch. These teasers are demonstrating his release is rather close.

Players can now rest easy knowing the reality behind these teasers. Are you ready to defend myself against the Magister?

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