Marquette King uses tennis ball avoiding Romo fate


Being a holder for field goals and extra points is the many thankless task in sports.

When’s the last time you heard a instructor or player praise this holder for doing his or her job? Does anybody ever contact on sports talk radio to compliment how solid the holder continues to be all season? When a team wins a team which has a kick, does anybody mob the actual dude who allowed the actual kick to happen from the start?

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Nobody wants the luck of Tony Romo, who failed to handle simple in a playoff game and transpired in infamy because of computer. Eh, things worked out pretty much for ol’ Tony, but you get what i’m saying. Being a holder is sold with none of the glory and each of the risk.

So what do you do to ensure you don’t Romo it if your lights go up? If you’re the coaching staff for that Oakland Raiders, you order a huge shipment of tennis balls and head to work.

King was working with all the tennis balls during punt drills at the same time. Does this actually make any sense? Wouldn’t it be better simply to keep practicing with the identical type of ball you’d easy use in a real-time situation? Who knows — nevertheless I’ll grant it’s a cool action to take at a football train in June.

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