Where to Find Relics for Samid Gloves & Different Artifacts in RS3?


Until June 5, all runescape members, excluding Ironmen, can find runescape historic relics on Treasure Hunter and in-game, and then smash them to get a chance for certain long-lost artifacts, like Samid Gloves as well as Coin of Balance. Here are some hints how to find Relics in Runescape? It is heard that someone seems to have 2 using these suggestions.

What long-lost artifacts might actually drop from Relics?
Until 23: 59 UTC on Summer 5, finding relics and subsequently smashing them, you will have time to get Treasure Hunter treats, even certain long-loast artifacts, like Samid Gloves, Monkey mace and less difficult, Shark fists, Alchemist’s amulet, D&D Tokens, TzHaar whip, and Coin of Sense of balance.

Where to find Artefacts in Runescape?
It has been confirmed that players can get relics by opening chests or finding around Gielinor. But there are only up to two per day all-around Gielinor. Where can players discover their whereabouts in game, ignoring treasure hunter?
Some players have spoiled that one could find relics on Earth 116 north east from the edgeville furnace, or World 98, or World 49 slightly north-east of Yanille Lodestone. Someone has confirmed he has got 2, respectively on World 116 as well as east outside Draynor lender.

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Relics appear on the soil as items to grab. If you want runescape Samid Mitts, take your time to get and smash relics within game. Besides, don’t forget to put together enough Cheap Runescape Gold for sale for Runescape Menaphos which releases on June 5!

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