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NBA 2K16 MyGM, the other side of NBA 2k16 Coins , which allows players for you to assume the role involving General Manager and work everything behind the moments. Instead of only messing around with the teams, players customize all the tasks of one team as they are essentially the boss with the entire organization. In MyGM, players sign new players, complete trades, negotiate contracts with participants or coaches, customize prices, add features to the actual arena, provide better facilities with the players, maintain a good relationship with the team owner, the players, media members, and fans, make a profit, and guide the crew to NBA championships.
Prior to release, the MyGM mode was thought to have been drastically increased, with many new features having been added. For instance, players may relocate their team to another North American city, a first for an NBA 2K game. Other additions include remodeled draft presentations, more off-season activities, the ability to customise arenas and jerseys, players that can have multiple injuries simultaneously, three-team trades, and a mini game the participant may play while simulating video games, to give the participant interactivity during simulations.

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