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The champions league along with la liga king’s glass double, which weight is more heavy? Bell’s answer is every trophy “important”, ronaldo will choose this former. Cristiano ronaldo made the idea clear, according to the winners league double component is actually more important than Barcelona. ” To win this champions league, the double weight can be heavier than Barcelona. To win the champions league can be a dream come true, I really think so from the heart. ” Cristiano ronaldo features clear his attitude is given.

Celebrating the la liga subject in Barcelona, pique suspected imitate cristiano ronaldo, C Ronaldo comment: “they even won, won’t forget me, but there is no personal between I as well as peak. “Ronaldo failed to support the European golden boot, the Portuguese regret: “in the case of so close to the golden boot, of course I am sick and tired of learning. But suarez fully are worthy of FIFA 17 Coins the European golden footwear, he’s been exceptional this season. ”

Cristiano ronaldo also discussed with mini’s a funny thing happened: “I have a daughter has always stressed that is my dream, he changed me a lot. Once he went home and told me, ‘daddy, bell speed is more rapidly than you. ‘ I told him that no one is faster than myself. He said, ‘at school, everybody said the Fifa Loose change bell is faster, and messi also aspire to have your right feet. ‘ these words provides me happiness, he is still a youngster. ”


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