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Would it be excessive to call the GOAT overrated? Although it’s just 2K, there is still a level of name respect given to Cheap NBA 2k Coins MJ just because of who he’s. Firstly, I think it can be fair to say that from his 5 versions in the game, at least 3 ones are given ratings that are ill-deserved.

Starting with his youngest versions throughout the ’80s, his post fadeaway along with mid-range stats are as polished since they are on his more mature cards; which makes no sense when it comes to that MJ was presented flak early in the career for not getting great at either of the things. Skip forward to the later years of his career, more specifically 96-96, where 2K gave Jordan one of the most unreal stat of any player I’ve seen in this game – the 89 three pointer.

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