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Liverpool in the Group Cup final penalty shootout 1-3 damage to Manchester City overlooked the championship, Lucas, Coutinho and Lallana Caballero penalty have been closed out after the experience, there are a large amount of people being questioned captain Henderson why didn’t play in the charges shootout.

Henderson said he was originally the initial six penalty would have been a fine, he said: “Milner was placed in the first five, then that is myself, this is a decision manufactured by the coach and the coaching staff see the opponent to get  Cheap FIFA Coinslift your trophy overall. is very hard acknowledge, I think we built enough effort, but this is footballing, sometimes very cruel. ”

“After the 1-1 connect game into our rhythm and we regain the ball right on the critical area, pass the ball speedily through midfield and produced a threat, but apparently does not participate in us on race morning. ”

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