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We have a heads-up to any or all FIFA 16 players now, as we can see that the January transfer windowpane is now starting to get a drastic impact on Cheap FIFA 16 Coins transfer market prices for those that have an eye on purchase opportunity.

A few weeks before, you could pick in place Brazilian striker Pato for as little as 1, 000 coins and it’s possible even for 700 should you were really lucky.Now however, with Patos transfer for you to Chelsea FC on loan looking most likely we can see that this average price of the striker has gone up significantly.

As you can see on the image below, you now have to spend around 4, 000 coins for Pato. For those smart participants that bought multiple Pato cards weeks ago for under 1, 000 coins, now is the time to cash in for big profit.This is just taking care of of the game that you simply really should keep close track of when you want for taking a break from truly playing games-but still preserving your coin profits in place.

What other players have you ever managed to buy intended for cheap which are now taking a crazy profit? Is Chelsea a excellent club for Pato? Expect EA to give a Pato Chelsea transfer update from the end of this 7 days if our predictions are generally correct.

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