Runescape delivers its 2015 manifesto

We do not know what’s better: the aforementioned teaser art or maybe the undeniable fact that it represents runescape’s upcoming 200th quest through which players head to “a parallel universe through which you, the hero, never existed combined with the crooks won.”

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‘s 2015 gflanv5673 , in which Mod Mark provides a brief breakdown on the game’s next 12 months. Based on him that players will advice the game’s development via suggestions by reviewing the Runescape site along with additional polls. “You can be positive that the coming year will be a fantastic cocktail of the finest ideas when combined the very best of ours!” Mark gushes.

Other events awaiting you include several updates to skills,new combat tactics, an Ocean’s Eleven-style heist,a goal for in-game shops,or a tussle with runescape the earth Devourer.Considerably more information:

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