Runescape about Legacy mode

“As a person in  Runescape  store   since simply the start. Runescape Legacy is making me almost would like to play again. Almost.I dunno, Jagex. I have not been wow’d by Runescape like I’m in years. I actually wanna continually come back. But I’m not sure how to justify purchasing members plainly just don’t think spark anymore.”

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” I’d wish to start playing rs again, but it is all totally different..where should i start? its been years”

” I left Runescape after trying eoc, but i’m awaiting legacy mode for taking way of my go back to increase the risk for jagex community taste vengeance looking for old fans pour in!”

” Something is wrong the the Armadyl Godsword Style. This is suppose to get slash, defence, bash and crush or something?”

” it looks good i cannot loose time waiting for legacy now my question will legacy also get rid of the combat triangle like meele is weak to magic and magic is weak to range and range is weak to meele or will that take essence?”

“They modified Eoc to pre eoc again. But of cos not 100% change. V5n36xp caused it to be almost comparable to pre eoc to ensure that players will return.”
“Around that is certainly good I’ve got no aim of picking a step backwards and ultizing it. I understand for several this really is good since this is the combat system they liked and might not exactly become utilized to the modern one. This will make everybody happy leastwise! However that as the primary goal I realize you will have people who will just find something more important to complain about.”

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