Permanent runescape & Membership Bonds

The permanent runescape & Membership Bonds poll is underway exceeding 25,000 votes currently.By scripting this newspost the update is passing by 85%. You almost certainly have not yet voted, ensure you go towards poll home or an in-game poll booth and vote.

Currently it would appear that permanent runescape & Membership Bonds will be passing when your poll closes on Wednesday 4th February.

If runescape & Membership Bonds pass then i will likely be releasing permanent runescape on Old School’s 2nd birthday,Thursday 19th February.Membership Bonds arrive slightly later than  runescape 2007 gold

rs 07 gold

runescape 2007 gold

. We’ll be about to release them ultimately after Sunday 1st March.

Providing it passes, we are going to demand a while to implement tweaks towards game to stop gold farmers for issue. We experimented with have these details worldwide asap so the ones that are excited for V5n36xp want to be thinking about launch rigtht following your poll.Now there is a wonderful news to u.After buy the rs gld u can enter this code: rsgold3  then it will give u 3% rs gold.Yeah,it is really  a big surprise so all above it only make u can enjoy yourself with us.

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