To generate full utilisation of the Rs Gold

To generate full utilisation of the Rs Gold social platforms and to make all players get in touch with others freely, RSorder offers to recruit social platform editors from all rs players, including on facebook, twitter, Google Plus, and YouTube. Certainly, each editor will likely be rewarded free osrs gold or rs3 gold in accordance with his points.

How to compete for Rsorder Editors?
Every competitor has to find an appealing topic about RS, which can be a text, link, image or video, and the getting more points will win.

 PM RSorder Facebook admins with the most interesting post about RS you would imagine.

 When your message is posted out, try your better to acquire as much points as possible from the short time.

Individuals amass the highest volume of points will be picked up as RSorder editors in a limited time.

RSorder FB Recruiting adopts Knock-out system

Cheap Rs Gold

Cheap Rs Gold

. Every time, we will choose two fans to control our page inside the same period, and after their terms, one to comprehend points will probably be kept to PK with new challenger as you move the other must leave together with his rewards.

Grading standard:
Every post is out, you should get as many people as you can to love, comment and share your post. Based on the grading standard, one like or comment with the post will make you get 0.5 point respectively, then one share can provide 1 point. That means, the more interactions together with your post, greater chance you will gain to win.

Points will prove to  07 rs Gold add up every Wednesday at 03.00 A.M. GMT, and then, new likes or comment or share for the previous posts should never be counted inside total.

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