Atletico Madrid – Barcelona: Barcelona Atletico Madrid home strong historical dominance

Calderon over the last 17 games stuck the stadium, Atletico Madrid lost merely one game.

Barcelona and Atletico Madrid meet within the King’s Cup 22 times, 12 times eliminated Atletico Barca.

Atletico Madrid – Barcelona: Barcelona Atletico Madrid home strong historical dominance

Barcelona against Atletico Madrid inside the King’s Cup quarter-final second leg, come in Beijing Thursday 4:00 Calderon stadium started, it will likely be a life or death battle, one team might get semi finals. Louis – Enrique’s team winning your initial leg 1-0 and achieved a smaller advantage, but Barca coach that score is just not insurance.

Barcelona News

Enrique welcome back Mathieu, while Atletico Madrid lost Simone Godin, he was suspended while using absence of the Atletico squad. Tiago and Cork injury absence. Barca list are going to be as follows: Teershite roots, JCN56B23K, Busquets, Xavi, Iraq Nie Sita, Rakitic, Rafinha, Pedro, Neymar, Messi and Suarez

Barcelona facing air defense test

In Tuesday’s pre-match news conference, Enrique reminder: “FIFA’s performance will improve in the house, their fans are a plus Atletico locate the ball and aerial ability is incredibly strong, challenging prevent..”

Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone believes strength is paramount for the second leg: “We’ll begin in the initial minute to seize an opportunity every minute ’till the end on the game, like this we might come close towards goal.”

Recent teams

Having a recent road game, 6-0 victory over Barcelona in  FIFA  store; plus an up-to-date home game, Atletico Madrid beat Rayo Vallecano 3-1. Calderon over the last 17 games trapped in the stadium, Atletico Madrid lost one game.


Amongst people against Elche, Neymar scored twice, Brazilian goals truly to succeed in 19, and the first goal soon after he joined Barcelona defeated Atletico Madrid goal. Gerry Postman Atletico Madrid in last weekend scored twice, his goals this coming year, has reached 13, he then will be a threat to Barcelona’s goal.

The historical paper

Since the 1924-25 season, within my ballet shoes because the King’s Cup play against Barcelona and Atletico met 22 times inside competition, Atletico Madrid Barcelona eliminated 12 times. Last season  Fifa Coins

Fifa Coins

battle Barcelona 6 5 1 negative no advantage, but two encounters there is certainly much surprise, Barcelona 3-1 home league win King’s Cup quarter-final first leg 1-0 win.

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