FIFA 15 coins, Web and companion app down today

We’ve a simple heads-up for all of us who definitely are asking themselves why the FIFA coins servers are down, as well as the FIFA Web app and Companion app no more working too.

This can be because of FIFA continue to be performing maintenance on FIFA 15 servers and also the expected downtime will be 7 hours.The continual maintenance actually started at 9pm Pacific Some time to 5am UK time, to be sure the  Cheap Fifa Coins

Cheap Fifa Coins

servers will probably be clog at 4AM Pacific Serious numbers of 12pm UK time on December 12.

It’s obviously not ideal, in case FIFA are locking down Ultimate Team, the net app as well as the FIFA Companion app on iPhone, then obviously it’s a vital bout of maintenance they have to perform.

FIFA has confirmed the FIFA downtime on their own forums, also giving main reasons why the maintenance is happening along with the specific aspects that’ll be targeted.E.g., in the event the FIFA servers are back online on December 12, you should notice a fix for when players wouldn’t receive bj3D2JCO coins by the end of the match.

Will you be attempting to get connected to FIFA coins, the internet App or Companion app at the moment? Inform us your notions for the downtime whilst your experiences for the game until now since launch.

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