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I’d like to understand the Level Scaling feature used more.

- Diamond in the Rough – Apep + Heru, I hated which has a two of low-level bosses that hit % against me but I couldn’t do squat against them. At the least scaled, they’ve created

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- Demon Slayer – I am not sure Delrith should show a combat level. His raw power is shown off, but he certainly is categorized as discussion.

- Vampire Slayer, Witch’s House, Soul’s Bane – kinda about the edge for these, but something to contemplate

07 Rs Gold  many creature that managed to destroy a tropical city and spread fear, she isn’t too impressive in comparison to other dragons.
I don’t think from any of the true novice quest bosses must be updated for Combat.
Blood Pact, What’s Mine is Yours.

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