Can there be a link between Bik as well as the Buy Runescape Gold

Can there be a link between Bik as well as the Buy Runescape Gold  Tree Spirit? They sure look alike, they both of them are on Entrana as well as in the Dominion Tower the Spirit says, “Be away to you, mortal!”?

Mod Raven: Quite potentially. It wasn’t a thing that was deliberately included being a reference in Heart of Stone, but I wouldn’t discount it through the elder god series altogether.

Ever since Wen have been moved on the Ice Mountain to the Canis lupus tundrarum Mountian, does this mean there exists a connection between Wen along with the Ice Knights and Ice Queen?

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Mod Raven: Moved you say? That’s a unique assumption. There’s most likely not just a direct connection between Wen and Ice Knights and Ice Queen. Wen, similar to most elder gods, doesn’t really acknowledge life as thing and creating sentient creatures isn’t really Wen’s deal.

How do Kipple and Ariane inexplicably know a great deal regarding the Elder Gods when supposed to be a secret that exactly the gods, the Zarosians plus the player really know about? Many of the young  aren’t even aware that they’re on Gielinor, yet Ariane and Kipple are.

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