Runescape winning war on Cheap Rs Gold farming

Runescape winning war on Cheap Rs Gold  farming
Gold farming is really a pervasive plague internationally of free-to-play MMOs, but RuneScape seems to be allow us a cure.

Jagex has announced the recent introduction of Bonds (an in-game item which could pay for account-related and out-of-game benefits) has nearly eradicated gold farming hanging around, reducing it by 81% in a mere 4 weeks.

COO Riaan Hodgson stated, “Basically we anticipated the launch of Bonds would impact the flow of illegal wealth into the game, i am thrilled the initiative has generated this type of strong and immediate impact.

The impact of Bonds, however, goes past just significantly lowering gold farming; Bonds have opened more benefits to more players through the Pay-through-Play initiative. Additionally, greater than 10% of RuneFest attendees have paid for their tickets to the November 2nd event at Tobacco Dock using Bonds.
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