Also unlocked at level 10, Levequests are buy final fantasy 11

Class Quests
Don’t neglect your class quests! They pop up every five levels in your class’ guild in your starting city, and not only do they have their own storylines to follow, but they also unlock special abilities in many cases. In some special cases, they can also score you some unique items you can’t get any other way — such as the quest to get the Unicorn mount for level 30 Conjurers.

At level 30, your original class quest storyline will have wrapped up and it’ll be time to move on to your Job quest. Someone in your class’ guild will offer you a quest with a requirement that you get a secondary class to 15 first; once you’ve done this, completing the quest will provide you with a Soulstone that unlocks the Job version of your class. Once you’ve done this, a new Job quest storyline will begin that will take you all the way to 50 and eventually provide you with your first set of endgame gear — your “artifact” or “AF” armor.

Unlocked at level 10, these four-player mini-challenges take a matter of minutes to complete, but are a good means of learning and practicing the skills you’ll need to take on other party-based challenges in the game. The first time you complete them, they’re worth a decent amount of XP, too, so be sure to work through them when you have the chance. New ones are unlocked every five levels, so it’s in your interests to complete them as you level rather than waiting to beat them all at level 50.

Also unlocked at level 10, Levequests are   buy final fantasy 11   simple, timed, repeatable quests that are a good source of XP and gil income for solo players. New levequests are unlocked every five levels, and can either be picked up from the Adventurer’s Guild in one of the main cities or from local Levemetes in the smaller settlements dotted around the maps.


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