Cheap FFXIV Gil event and includes several screenshots

The forty-fifth installment on the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Letter on the Producer have been published on the official forums. The short note re-announces the projected summer 2013 release and early June Cheap FFXIV Gil  event and includes several screenshots.
Our second important announcement was that phase 3 will start at the start of June.

Phase 3 includes a multitude of changes dependant on feedback from your first and second phases, in addition to the long-awaited commencement of Ps3 testing. But that’s its not all—we’re also adding Ul’dah and Limsa Lominsa, nearly a hundred new FATE encounters, four additional dungeons.

main scenario quests nearly level 20, grand companies, provisioning missions, free companies; we’re making revisions towards battle system, testing the transfer of characters from version 1.0—the list goes on as well as on. Final Fantasy XIV.I’ve been working 24 / 7, double and triple checking everything as you go along, so sit tight and phase 3 will be here in no time!
The last Fantasy XIV blog have been updated which has a couple of new screenshots exposing changes in the smoothness customization / creation process determined by feedback from the last beta Cheap Fifa Coins 

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