Soknacki announced his decision to FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Coins

Soknacki announced his decision to supporters who joined him  FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Coins   Tuesday night at the Jack Astor’s restaurant on Front St. E. to celebrate his 60th birthday. He had released his platform along with a listing of donors on Tuesday morning.

He politely kicked out a reporter who arrived mid-speech. In accordance with volunteer Sean Sydney, Soknacki told the crowd that money woes and the continued low browsing the polls had forced his hand.

Sydney said Soknacki also said he felt he was another casualty from the Ford era.
“It’s disappointing that she never got anywhere, but honestly, I don’t believe’s an indictment of his ideas,” said Sydney, 27, a music student who may have always voted NDP.

“It’s an expression of what the situation was in our city — that like David said on the internet for (from the restaurant), unfortunately Rob Ford (Open Rob Ford’s policard) stole the narrative, and defeating Rob Ford became   Fast Fifa 15 Coins more valuable than who we had arrived electing mayor and what their ideas were.”

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