Safe Wildstar Powerleveling but happened to be to view PvP on the program floor

Online Wildstar gold , one of  Safe Wildstar Powerleveling the biggest gaming networks in Germany, also gave us something to celebrate! We found their utmost of gamescom award that was voted for by users plus the public!

WildStar dominated the poll because of the dedication individuals German community, allowing us to stand atop a pile of videogame skulls (metaphorical ones anyway) like a mighty Draken huntress. Hear us roar!
After gamescom, we headed right to PAX Prime in Seattle. They at MMORPG arrived at check out WildStar but happened to be to view PvP on the program floor, a unique dungeon demo with DevSpeak master Stephan Frost (which you’ll watch here) and generally chat to they behind the experience.

We obviously impressed given that they chose to give WildStar their full capacity in Show award for PAX Prime 2013! Woohoo!


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