FIFA Coins officially announced the 14-month ban Barca players trading Recently

FIFA Coins  announced throughout the official website in the La Liga giants Barcelona impose sanctions prohibit trade players, time is 14 months, that is two transfer windows, on the understanding that in the time signing the player in breach of Rule U18.

In accordance with reports, players involved nearly people, Barca were sentenced to Swiss francs of punishment, your next two transfer windows might not be the members to get or sell.

yet still be punished Spanish Football Federation, and also being a superb of fifa 14 coins Swiss francs, these folks were asked to Cheap FIFA 15 Coins  standardize their systems in just a year.

“World Sports Daily” news, FIFA agencies liable for the transfer on the transfer in past times year were reviewed and located serious irregularities in Barcelona when signing young players, a few foreign players in violation of provisions from the act in the transfer operation.


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